Amazing Magazines!

Whether you call them periodicals, zines or just plain magazines you will find some cool selections in the aadl magazine collection which, except for the current issue, can be put on hold with your library card and borrowed for two weeks. Titles like Michigan Riparian, Pointe, Bee Culture, Brick Journal, Treasures, Babybug, Cheng Ming, Scrapbooking & Beyond, G.I. jobs, or a multitude of popular glossies can be browsed at the library or at That’s also where you can click on Research and use the General Reference Center Gold database for magazines that we no longer carry. No matter what you call them, AADL has a magazine for everyone!


I LOVE our periodicals! You're right, there's such a wide range of topics and choices! There really is something for everyone.

My 9 year has discovered the kids magazines and loves them!

I didn't know I could borrow them. Glad to know I can. Thanks!

I am so glad that we can now request issues from other branches! I love magazines, and it's nice to be able to read others than the ones I subscribe to, including international magazines that are horribly expensive (Donna Hay, I am talking about you). By the way, I also think the magazine exchange area downtown is smart.