Badge Drop! Badge Drop! Badge Drop!

You guys are BLOWING US AWAY! The numbers are ASTOUNDING! STAGGERING! WE'RE A LITTLE BIT SCARED! 16,430,863 points earned this year. 63,918 game codes entered. 11,764 badges earned. And 2,789 players. The game started two weeks ago. Scaring us, guys...BUT IN THE BEST WAY!

Since we're so frightened by you and your INCREDIBLE SUMMER GAME PLAYING's a badge drop! Don't hurt us!

2014 Badge Drop #3

We already KNOW you are going to find all of those codes and get all of those badges. So what are you going to do after you've done that? How about coming to some amazing concerts? This Sunday is the final concert in AADL's Kids Rock @ TOP concert series featuring the awesomely dance-to-able music of Aaron Nigel Smith! And next Thursday at the Downtown Library, the wizard/bookish/nerdy/GREAT music of Tonks & the Aurors!

So get hunting for those badge codes and get on your dancing shoes, Summer Gamers! AND THANKS FOR PLAYING!


HECK YEAH! These look great, and I can't wait for TONKS & THE AURORS!

Yay! New badges!!!!

How do some players already have some of these badges???? They are QUICK. I hope this Polkemania badge isn't as hard as the last one (which I still haven't solved).

Yay! New badges!!!! :)

@Latitude some of the badges appeared on the badge list earlier. I know, i still haven't gotten all of the codes for the first Polkemania one either :P


Oh! That explains why some people were asking about the Killer Plants badge earlier and I didn't know what they were talking about. Thanks for clearing it up!

How do I enter the bonus code from Crocotta Industry? I've tried ciphering it a bunch of ways, but I always get 'code not recognized'.

Yay for new badges!

Is anyone else having a problem clicking on the hints for the Barton Nature Center badge? I usually like to click on all of the hints before I print it out and take it with me to earn the badge. But for some reason, I can't get any of the hints to expand. Help!

Is anyone else having problems finding the last code for the Framing Roger Rabbit badge? I found out what animal it is, but I searched the catalog but I cant find it anywhere.

I'm loving this new design! :) Now it's really easy to enter codes in.


I had a lot of trouble on this one too! Search for the plural of the animal henchman, not the singular. That will get you what you want!


None of the hints for the Barton Nature Center badge seem to ... exist at all for me?? ????? I'm sure this is an error and that it's being revised as we speak (type?).

@Latitude thanks, it worked! :)

Maybe there aren't hints for the Barton Park quest. You really don't need any. All the clues seem pretty straight forward. In fact, I guessed three of the six without leaving my chair or doing any research and I know exactly where to look for the other three.

Of course, I do know Barton Park pretty well. I've walked through it many times, and I've helped collect seeds from the prairie patches along the train tracks to plant in other prairie restoration projects. I also set that park on fire a few times, back when I used to volunteer on burn crews for the parks department.

Can anyone help me narrow down the search for the Sprouts Be Stylin' badge #3? I tried a couple different synonyms of "roast", but a lot of items come up.

@Jan Wolter I figured out three of the codes at home too, and ive never been to the park, but those three were pretty obvious on what they were.

@estermyer - It's not a synonym for "roast" but a different form of the word. Add something to the end of the word.

Friends of Bill badge help

I know who the female sharpshooter is, but, can't find the clue in the catalog. I've looked through a lot of items. Any hints?

Got it. It's not the nickname given her by her adoptive father, but her nickname in advertisements.

Can someone help me with the killer plants badge? I can't figure out what they mean by water-holding organ.

i want the karma chameleon badge!

lot's of good new badges. Thanks!

I am SO glad I have something to do this summer. GAME ON.

The new code entering design is easier, but I think it's just another incentive to create a fake account to get more points to use in the shop. The old design kind of kept people from doing that a little bit by making it take a lot more time.

Question: I know I've found the species for the third Killer Plants code, but everything I've tried as come up as nothing in the catalog. Any help?

@jmock, don't worry, we watch closely for fake accounts and always have. It's much easier than you'd think to spot them. Also, we had so many requests for this feature from families who play together, and we are more interested in making the game easier to play for them than we are concerned about lame point scamming. Thanks for your concern!


@JoannaSulimin910 - by "water-holding organ" they mean a part of your body that periodically fills up with, er, not water.

@jmock: I spent a lot of time trying to find sundews in the the catalog. That was the wrong plant. The wikipedia article on carnivorous plants is a good reference for this badge.

For the crocotta badge I found the Unix command "tr XYZA-W A-Z" very useful.

Wait, you aren't running Unix on your computer?

What's wrong with you?

Can anyone help me with the fourth bonus on Polkemania 078 (the one about the 70s song)? Thanks.

These new badges are tons of fun! Can anyone help me with the first bonus on the POLKéMANIA Badge? I'm certain I know which trainer they're talking about, but I don't understand what I'm supposed to do - do you enter their name as the game code?

Crocotta Industry Badge Help!

There is only one book by/about MIFKV QEB BIABO in the catalog, and there is no code in it.


You just enter their name as the game code -- no need to search for it in the catalog! That's how all or almost all of the bonus codes work, I think.


Thanks for help! I must have the wrong trainer then - I thought it was Ash, but his name won't work for the code.


Try Wikipedia for Songs of the Century that came out in the 1970s, and then hit the catalog and hunt through the Pokémon black and white series for the right volume. Good luck!


Because MIFKV is so old, there aren't any books that are actually by them in the catalog -- it'll actually be under a call number. If you search for MIFKV QEB BIABO (except decoded) in the catalog, it should be the very last result you get.

When I searched for MIFKV QEB BIABO I didn't find the book either. I had to search for just the last part of his name and the English translation of his book title before I found the right book. But when I tried it again now, both searches worked. Sometimes repeating searches seems to give different results. I suspect the AADL website has grown so complex it is developing sapience (which some may say is just a nice word for bugginess).

Could someone help me with the last code for the Surf's Up Badge? I really have no idea what to do with the clues "adVentures" and "walk".


Code 3 on Friends of Bill was hard - tip by @sara finally helped me figure it out. Thanks!

But now for the Friends of Bill bonus code: I tried the name of the poem, the name of the unoriginal mother, the real name and pen name of the poet/author. None of those work. Help?

@camelsamba I had the same problem with the bonus code. I think I finally used google to find the title of the book the poem is in, and then found it in the catalog.


The game code was not in that book the first 2 times I checked. It happened again on the last code for the badge as well. Library people, is there some reason the codes are popping in and out of the catalog? An extra level of difficulty for game-players this summer?!

The last POLKeMANIA 078 bonus clue asks for an English translation of a German phrase. I speak decent German and tried two dozen possible translations before one worked. The secret is to ignore the last word of the German phrase, which admittedly doesn't mean much, but which a more literal translator could have found several different words for.


Don't forget to polka! (search the trainer name and the word polka)

I pasted the German into Google translator and got the four word phrase that worked


it's a really long phrase. Just translate carefully. I included commas and spaces, but the code didn't need them.

I'm sure the answer is staring me in the face, but I just cannot get the first Pokemon Badge bonus! I've tried every combination of "Ash" and "Polka", and it's not working. Can anyone help?

I missed the DoOrDiag off season game. I wonder if we could do it now just for fun? It's not on the badge page like all the other past games.

@avliss - For the first polkemon bonus, you need to search those two words in the catalog.

@avliss - And thanks for the hint for bonus #4. I finally found it!


Pay attention that that funny capitalization that you point out - if you don't know a ton about Surf Music, that part will still be helpful. You could try some creative googling/searching based on that...

Old News

I love browsing through Old News, but trying to search for anything is a pain. Any hints for how to get the first clue in the Ghost World Badge? Searching by date does not work, searching for photos does not work, searching for "tavern on east huron" does not work, ...

@sara: Drop the "on". Google ignores useless words like that, but more primitive search engines don't.

@Latitude: Your hint to @Sara helped me with that code, so thanks! But didn't the clue say that the author of the item with the code was MIFKV QEB BIABO? I'm just a little confused.

I am wondering if any of you could help me with the 5th codeword in the twin peeks badge?

sara, thanks for the Friends of Bill bonus help! I was trying to enter the title directly as a code, then re-read our hint and saw to search for the book. That did it!

@Lmd3577, make sure to read the wikepedia source to find the cousins. It might be a bit confusing, but there are only two names to try even if you are unsure who dealt the blow.

Ghost World Badge / Old News

I have an old computer, but no matter how I search Old News, I can't get the first clue in the Ghost World Badge. Is there a trick to searching Old News? It's frustrating.


@sara For the first clue, best to try figuring out the answer with Google first! Then try searching the name of the place in Old News once you know it!

@sara Don't worry, we wouldn't leave all your good SG players hanging! ; )

I'm stuck on the bonus code for "Crocotta Industry." I thought I had it ciphered - "vshdnv lq d pdqqhu vr kxpdq, dqg wklv zlwkrxw d whdfkhu, dv wr jr wr krxvhv, dqg fdoo wkdw shuvrq zkrp kh nqrzv kh fdq hdvlob ydqtxlvk" - but it doesn't recognize the code, so I'm not sure what I'm missing. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

@yaldah What you did is backwards. You put the letters of the quote as the letters of the enciphered alphabet. You have the correct alphabet/cipher.

Ok, you can laugh at me. I found the Ghost World clue in the old news, but the large animal backside was blocking my view of the tavern so I couldn't see the answer to the clue!

@lydiav: Got the code! I misunderstood the clue, but you put me straight. Thanks! :)

I'm stuck on the 2nd code (and bonus code) for the "POLKéMANIA No. 078" badge. I thought I had found the "made-up word" (Z****), but there is no o in it. What am I missing? Thanks!

@SBNB thanks I got it now :)

Can anyone help me with:
-Loch Ness Mess #5 (I figured out what the book is and the author of the book, but I can't find in the catalog)
-Crocotta Industry #1 (I figured out who it was named after, but when I searched the person in the catalog, 100+ items came up, so if someone could help me narrow the search ;))
-POLKeMANIA No.006 #5 and bonus #4? (I have no idea for this one lol)


@estermyer - No problem! :)

For Loch Mess #5, don't look for the book, just the author. When I search the author, I only get four results.
Crocotta #1 - I don't know how to narrow it down, but if you start checking each entry from the beginning of the list, you should find it pretty quick.
Polkemania #5 - Do a google image search for ordinal numbers to figure out which number to use, and then search that with the word "polka" in the catalog.
Polkemania bonus 4 - If you search the name of the movie you just found in the catalog, you'll get two results.

yay can't wait for the summer game shop to open!!!


Well, they did write it -- but I guess it's also been translated and since it's a reference book they don't get credited?? Yeah, I don't really have any idea either.

I'm going to find all of those codes and get all of those badges and come to some amazing concerts. Especially this Sunday for the final concert in AADL's Kids Rock

Sorry, but Kids Rock is over! There is still one more Sunday of TOP and a chance to play TOPOPOLY at the Library on the Lawn Tent, but our three Kids Rock Shows for 2014 have come and gone!


Hi Summer Gamers,

I'm not sure if this is old news, but did you know that last year's Lillie Park Explorer badge isn't worth as much as they were in 2013? Instead of each clue being worth 100 points, they are only 10 points. When I completed the badge, it was still worth 500 points, but I was surprised that the clues went from 100 to 10. I'm going to try to finish my Arb badge next week, so I guess I'll know if the decreased point earnings affect all 2013 Park Explorer badges.

Luckily, Park Explorer badges are my favorite, so I'm ok with less points. I just found it interesting and thought I'd share.

@beeniepie - Glad you love the Park Explorer series! It's true - all badges from past years are reduced in point value. Usually, as you noticed, things that were 100 pts become 10, etc. You can still earn points, no question, but we want to keep the focus on our current badges.

With that said, there will be plenty more badges about exploring (parks and maybe some other spots!) coming soon, so you'll have lots more excuses to get out and about! ; )

@beeniepie - So does this mean that the codes from the park badges from last year still work? I really wanted to do them, but I wasn't sure if they were reactivated for this year. Which ones from last year have you done this year?

@SBNB - I went through the other day and made sure all of those codes were active, so you should be able to earn any of the park explorer badges from last year. If anybody runs into any trouble with any of them, be sure to let us know; things can change in parks from year to year!


Thank you!!!

Oh, never mind, I just find my code! For some reason I'm not quite clear on, I thought I was on a different code number than I was - I'm really not sure what I thought. Either way, I found my code.

Is it possible to make the badges page more user friendly for use on the iPad? It's really difficult to follow the clues and impossible to get the hints when playing on an iPad

To all the summer gamers out there I am having trouble finding the clue words to four different badges and I am hoping some of you gamers out there can help me out.

1.) I am having trouble finding the very first code word for the Nessie badge

2.) I am having trouble finding the second code word for the killer plants badge

3.) I am having trouble finding the third code word for the Brussel Sprouts badge

4.) and I am having trouble finding the fourth code word for the Friends of Bill badge

I am hoping you gamers out there can give me some more clues on how to find these code words.

Thank you so much for the help
Lmd 3577

@SBNB - I've only done the Lillie Park badge from 2013. Head last year's advice and apply a lot of bug spray. The mosquitos were vicious, and the last clue was the most challenging to find.

I'm hoping to knock out the Arb and eventually finish Bandemer. I haven't been back to Bandemer since my then 2.5 year old infamously melted down. I'll report back to everyone if I run into any problems.

@AprilCDB - I'm sure one of the AADL staffers will address this, but I believe it's a limitation of the iPad and not the website. The iPad does not fully utilize the technology the summer game website uses. If they were to change the technology to fit the iPad, we (the gamers) may lose a lot of the cool features we love.

With that said, I believe there are some keyboard shortcuts others have mentioned in the past to get the hints to expand for you. I can't remember if someone found a control shift combination -- anyone?


1.) The enciphered version of PEISU LSOAR is what you'll search for in the catalogue.

2.) After identifying the type of plant that shares its name with a human organ on , you will find "the thing these plants "generate" to suck in their prey".

3 and 4, I haven't worked my way to those badges yet.

Good luck!


Open the badge clue in a new page- then you can read the entire clue. I was able to do everything else badge-wise on my friend's iPad.

3.) third code word for the Brussel Sprouts badge -- the clue mentions cookbook and 'roast', What is an another for roast - current tense or past tense? use that word in your search of the catalog.

4.) fourth code word for the Friends of Bill badge - I had a hard time with that one too! It's the nickname the person that is the 3rd clue gave her - in english. Wikipedia's page on the person from the 3rd clue has her name and the nickname. Then search the catalog with that nickname.

Loved the "Twin Peeks" badge! Whoever made those clues was very clever.


Also, the Tonks and the Aurors concert was AWESOME. It was indeed, a book-blasting good time.

can anyone help on on the last code for the Karma Chameleon badge? I can't seem to find the word.

@jmock Maybe check your spelling? It's just a word for blending in, but you need all three syllables and proper spelling.

You didn't think we'd leave you hanging on a holiday weekend, did you? Badge Drop #4 is IMMINENT!


Yeah, I just logged on and was wondering if it would be today yet or if we'd have to wait.