Fabulous Prizes Galore! Here's the Scoop!

Have you been reading intently, studiously filling out your paper Summer Game (SG) Reading Log, eagerly anticipating FAME, FORTUNE and PRIZES when you turn that lovely card in to AADL staff?

Well, we can't promise you the FAME and FORTUNE part of things — though that coupon for fine forgiveness might help you with your budget — but we CAN deliver you some FABULOUS prizes!

Coupons from our AMAZING, GENEROUS SUMMER GAME SPONSORS are arriving at the Downtown Library and Branches — and everyone (adults, teens and kids) gets to choose one when they turn in their game card!

This year we've been working to give you CHOICES GALORE! After completing the your SG Reading Log, you can claim one coupon.

Choices are:

1. AADL Fine Forgiveness
2. Zoom Lends DVD rental
3. A coupon from one of many local businesses, on a first-come-first-serve basis

Currently the Downtown Library and branches have coupons from Barry Bagels, Bivouac, Moosejaw ,Neopapalis, Nicola's Books and Zingerman's.

WATCH THIS SPACE — We will keep you posted on any new donors!

NEW!! There is now a code at Great Harvest Bread Co.!!!

And of course, any kid or teen who completes their Reading Log still gets a FANTASTIC, NEW BOOK thanks to the support of The Friends of the AADL and the Scott and Mary Westerman Fund.

Be sure to stop in to those six local shops who've donated prizes and look for a Summer Game code to earn more points... and May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!



You write "five local shops", but there are either 4 or 6 listed, depending on whether you count the "coming soon" pair...

Thank you! The donations are coming in so fast it's hard to keep up!

Thanks for all of the great prize options, AADL!!

I usually get a Fine Forgiveness Coupon -- because goodness knows I need those -- but the Nicola's Books one sure looks tempting.

The book prizes options are quite good. It's often hard to decide which book to take home :)

I was just starting the Srira-cha-cha badge, and the when I clicked on the first code it said "code is not recognized". Could it just be too early since there hasn't been an official badge drop today?

Thank you local supporters!

The Zingerman's code, is it at a specific Zingerman's?

Thanks for a great game. My kids and I especially are enjoying going to the various parks around town.

The parks are the best part of the summer game.

I haven't gotten the Zingerman's code yet, but I know that for Barry's Bagels and Nicola's I had to go into the stores to find each of their codes.

Yes, I got both of those codes too. Thanks. I'm just wondering if I have to go to the Zingerman's downtown or if I can go to one of their other locations.

Good question. If you find out please share the news.

Yes, at the deli in Kerrytown. It should be displayed soon if not already! Thanks for playing!

Downtown is the only location that has a code.

Some great prizes so far!

Thank you, I figured as much but thought I'd check first as some of the other locations are more convenient for me to visit.

Shouldn't 'Barry Bagels' be 'Barry's Bagels'?

@Latitude, You know what? That's the way *I've* always said it too, but I think it's just that Michigan thing of calling things possessive when they aren't (Meijer vs Meijer's and Kroger vs. Kroger's). ;D

Their actual official name is indeed just Barry Bagels (no S or possessive!).


Was just at Moosejaw, they were never given their summer game code

Yah couldn't get one from Moosejaw

Wow, I can't wait for the Zingerman's one!

Thanks for the great prizes!

My daughter and I were at Zingerman's today after enjoying the fairy festivities at the Sunday Artisan Market, and there was no code to be found. The first few people we asked had no idea what we were talking about, then someone told us to go to the house next door but it wasn't there, so more nice people tried to figure out what we were talking about. Finally a man who works there said his wife is very into the summer game and he came to our rescue. After checking various things on his phone and leading us all around the deli with no success, he simply gave us the code. I hope other people don't make a special trip there without finding the code or the nice employee who's name I never did get......

This year I got:

The Selection (Kiera Cass) I was so excited to get that!
Barry Bagels card (It has $3.13 on it!) I love bagels!

Can't wait to use my Chipotle coupon!

Got a coupon for a free game of bowling at Colonial Lanes - excited to go with my family this weekend! :)

They are fabulous prizes. Thanks!

I used my coupon at Bivouac, they were so nice, too. I hope more people choose and use that coupon so that Bivouac offers it again next year.

I enjoyed my burrito. Thank you very much!

@ Zekicmom, I did find the Zingerman's code at the house next door. It was on the back bulletin board by the back door. I only had to ask one person, who directed me to the house next door and when I walked in I found it pretty quick and easily without asking anyone else. I have found some employees don't know what I'm asking about and try to give me directions to the nearest library branch. I usually end up showing them an example of what I'm looking for and then they realize what I'm talking about.

In the main deli they told me it was on the elevator door in the house next door. That's where some employees there said they remembered seeing it, and I think we did some looking around, but as I said, we never found it. A couple of days ago we had the same issue at Moosejaw - no code posted. But the employee there knew what we were looking for and just gave us the code. So far everywhere we have gone searching for codes and terrariums the staff has been very nice.

Moosejaw is closed for 2 weeks. No code.

Moosejaw is closed for renovations, but yesterday they had someone sitting in front and she had the code, which was worth 500 points.

Wow, had no idea codes were at these places. Will try to find them this weekend!

When I went in search of the terrariums (terraria?!), at one location, the employee thought I was looking for directions to the library, too. Or that I was looking for a "little library" box. Or wanted to make my own terrarium. Finally I made myself sufficiently clear and the display was found, hidden in plain sight. Somewhat mortifying.

I just got the Great Harvest Bread Co. code a few days ago, so I now have all the sponsor codes! :D

Ack. Totally missed Great Harvest. Another place to stop...

I have all the sponsor codes too, woohoo! I wonder if there will be a sponsor master badge!

(Yes, I have master badges on the mind.)

@beeniepie, how do you know you have all the sponsor codes? I thought I did, but just read this thread to find out I'm missing at least one.

Edit: Never mind, just read the AADL part and see that they added it... guess I better run down there right away on Saturday (ACK! OH NO! HOME GAME @ NOON SAT! WHAT A DISASTER!!!!!)

Don't forget you have Sunday too.
If you're talking about the code for Great Harvest, it's in the window. You don't have to go there when they're open.

The odds are never in my favor (so never tell me the odds), but the summer game sure is. :)

My husband went last night and got it (plus some pesto bread, YUMMY!)

Thank you for the Nicolas gift card!! We used it to buy a book from a local author for my daughters birthday! :)