Chanel No. 5: The Art and Science Behind a Timeless Perfume - NEW LOCATION

Wednesday August 27, 2014: 7:00 pm to 8:45 pm -- Pittsfield Branch: Program Room

This event is intended for adults and teens grade 6 and up.

What makes a perfume created in 1921 a timeless classic? Flavor and fragrance expert Michelle Krell Kydd explores the art and science behind the creation of Chanel No. 5 through a past, present and future lens. Singular elements that comprise the perfume’s formula will be smelled; including Aldehyde molecules that contribute to the perfume’s distinctive character. You can explore Ms. Kydd’s flavor and fragrance blog, Glass Petal Smoke.

This event was originally scheduled for the Downtown Library and has been relocated to Pittsfield Branch.


Olfactory exhilaration!

Olfactory exhilaration!

Great event

This looks like a really cool event. Coco Chanel was ahead of her time in the fashion industry.

Very interesting!

Very interesting!

Prose for the nose

Love chanel # 5 and # 22. Both are long time favorites and this program sounds very interesting!

I had no idea

1921?! Wow. I thought maybe the 1970s. Was there a Chanel 1, 2, 3 and 4?

@steeri that sounds like it

@steeri that sounds like it should be a badge haha

Science of Scent

There are specific aroma molecules that have shaped the timeless character of Chanel No. 5. They are never shown to customers in department stores and are briefly studied at the university level (unless you are attending a prominent research university that trains chemists in the flavor and fragrance industry e.g. Rutgers, etc.). The experience of smelling these aroma molecules allows one to literally "sense" chemistry. These kinds of experiences are transformative and allow one to develop an olfactory lexicon, much like the practice of wine or cheese tasting affords.

If you are interested in getting a head start consider taking the Glass Petal Smoke "Sensory Questionnaire" which is available as a downloadable PDF from Scribd.

You can also read "What Does Your Sense of Smell Mean to You" which includes a link to the questionnaire.

New Location

Glad you were able to relocate this event, even though I am unable to attend.


I know very little about the science of smell - sounds like a fun place to start

Wow! What a unique

Wow! What a unique excited!