YOU DON'T STOP! Neither do THE BADGES! Your SECOND WAVE of badges for 2014!

Whoa. You guys are just UNSTOPPABLE. I mean, really, we thought that maybe Summer Game just had a SUPER STRONG START this year, and maybe things would get a little sleepy. But no, no, NO, all of you hardcore SG players aren't the least bit tired. In fact, we're having trouble figuring out just when you are even fitting in sleep with all the massive READING, LISTENING, WATCHING, GOING-TO-FUN-STUFF and BADGE EARNING you've been doing!

I mean really, HOW DO YOU DO IT? You're fired up, and so are we! We can see your enthusiasm in the fact that MULTIPLE badges have already been earned by 300+ PLAYERS. I mean really, you guys are burning up the badge board!

We're happy to be dropping SIXTEEN FRESH SHINY BADGES for your playing pleasure today. And that doesn't even COUNT all the KIDS READ COMICS badges that we'll be releasing tomorrow for the KRC festivities. Whoa!

2014 Badge Drop #2

Of course, if you haven't had the chance to earn last week's badges, you can hop on those too. And, all you pro players, it's been great to see you lending a helping hand to SG new folks in the comments, too. Keep up the AWESOME WORK, and, as always... THANKS FOR PLAYING!


Multiple badges have the codes displayed in the hint/code boxes….

Thanks, Gabriela, we saw that too and fixed it up. Just an input error. Thanks for being honest and quick to let us know, too. ; )

Why is this marked as "2014 Badge Drop #1"?


It's not?

To all the summer gamers out there
I am having great trouble finding the third code word for Backwords in the Backwoods badge. I have wikied what I think to be the answer but I still can't find the book in question and I have typed what I feel to be the answer several ways and still coming up with nothing. I am wondering if I should do an advanced search but I need some clues on how to start it if that is the way I need to go. I hope some of you gamers out there could give me some more clues on how to find the third clueword because it has been giving me some trouble for a couple days now.
Thanks so much

@Lmd3577 -

1. Find the other name for bigfoot that comes from a Native American word (wikipedia).
2. Search for that word in books in the catalog.
3. Find a book whose title tells you not to do something to the other-name-for-bigfoot.
4. Take the word that you are not supposed to do and type it backwards in the "I have a game code" box.

Yay! New badges! :-) I got all except one of last week's, and working on this week's ;)

Thank you to whoever is making the badges this year! Last year, I was uninterested in many of the categories, which made finding the codes a lot less fun. But this year, most of them appeal to me. Good choices, badge designers!

Holy cow, whoever created the "No. 006" badge owes me some Tylenol. That was PAINFUL, lol!!

Agreed but I'm stuck on third clue. I know the word for where it started and I know there's an extra Z in the name, but all attempts to combine them or some variation fail. Any pointers?

Never mind. Not sure what the whole "word that means where it started" part had to do with anything. Quite misleading... Had the clue eons ago...

I'm stuck on the last two bonus codes of the No.006 badge. For the second to last one, I know the song they're talking about, but I don't know what to do with it. For the last one, I don't even know where to begin.

Some of the KRC codes are giving me an error that they aren't active until July 21 (Doodle!Scribble!Draw! code) and July 22 (Robot shop 1pm Quick draw). Please help

In the Jailbird Watching Badge, I have the name of this man whose attempt was fictionalized in the film "Escape from Alcatraz", but it isn't recognized as a code when I try to enter it, and it's not in the catalog other than in the movie. How do we find this code?

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on The Iced Leaves Of Summer badge and I am having trouble finding the third codeword. I have typed in what I think is ths answer is to find the codeword but when I get the books the codeword could be found I come up with nothing no codeword. I am hoping some of you gamers out their can give me one or two more clues on how to find the codeword because it should be very simple to find but it is harder than I guess I thought it would be.
Thanks so much for the help,

Enter the man's name in the catalog. This one is a few books down.

Hey everybody -- don't forget about KIDS READ COMICS going on today and tomorrow! Not only are there a HECKTON of Summer Game Points, but there's also a HECKTON of great comic people and great stuff! Also, Babymouse herself is there!!


Limit your search to graphic novels if you haven't. Also what I thought was the obvious ingredient was not what the writers were looking for so you might want to reread the clue in case that's the issue.

I did limit the search to graphic novels but I am now thinking it is for the wrong age group is that possible?

mjanen, I was in the same boat as you. I also figured out that there was an extra z, but which one do you search for in the catalog?

@Lmd3577 I think there is something wrong with the hint. Don't limit the search to age groups, only graphic novels, and it'll show up at the top.


Thank you! When his actual name didn't appear in the search, I gave up.

I just earned myself a badge while riding a train across Pennsylvannia, which is a bit tricky because internet connectivity comes and goes as you pass cell towers, and it's hard to type accurately when the train is bouncing.

So who else has earned summer game points while not in Michigan?

Are the downloadable books (pdf) not points-eligible? I've downloaded four books and have not received points for downloading them. I've noticed that the two albums I've downloaded, my points didn't get rewarded until I refreshed my browser. Is there a trick I'm missing? Thanks in advance!

If anyone's working on "The Original Rabbit Hole" badge, please note that if you're familiar with the manga series with its Japanese title, it doesn't translate quite the same into English. (Hint: It's not 'kingdom', but 'country'.) I hope that helps!

Heads up regarding the Parker Mill Park badge: While the clue does state that there are no bicycles allowed, I would also note that you should leave your pooch at home as well. There's no issue when you first get there, but then the clues have you go down a boardwalk, and there are no dogs allowed down that part of the trail, which accounts for the latter half of the clues. Thankfully we were able to split up and have someone wait with our dog; otherwise, we would have had to come back for the other half of the clues.
Good luck!

Good thing you were honest:).

Wow really!

I hope everyone is having fun this summer!

Had the same problem, hope they fix it soon!

I know I saw that too!

@Santiago Fiori & @Stephanie M Smith

When you're replying to someone, it shows up all in the same thread. We can't tell who you're replying to - it's better to write @ and then the name of the person you're directing your comment at instead of just clicking 'reply' and typing in your comment.

@Lmd3577 My mistake in the clue - it's not a youth graphic novel - it's an adult graphic novel. This is now fixed - sorry about that and thanks for alerting us by asking the question!

Ignore the getting started part and Google the second name and the city to get the term to search for in the catalog. (I'm sure the designers had something else in mind, but this is the only way I could figure it out.)

Finding badge clues is a fun challenge but I find it helpful to have three tabs open at once. The first is the badge page with the hint on it, the second is the catalog where I search for the codes and the third is google.

I earned badges while traveling back and forth to New York using my friend's iPad (when it wasn't my turn to drive.)

Can anyone help me find the final clue for "Potters Potted?" I know the name of the plant (it rhymes with "Pan Flake") but searching that brings up a book about Mrs. Lincoln, which doesn't have a code. Searching "weeds," I looked at every single book that came up and none of them were right. Can someone give me a hint where to look? Thanks.

If you narrow your search for the final potters plant to "Books" it doesn't appear, because it's not that kind of book.

@Jan Wolter

Thank you so much! I got the Potter badge!

I just wrote a review of a specific magazine issue (or so I thought), but for magazines your review is listed under all issues of that magazine. Not very useful. I didn't specify the issue as I thought I was only writing the review for the issue I had checked out. It would be nice if individual magazines were listed separately in the catalog. Each magazine is like another book in a series- one better/different than another. One worth fewer stars.

There are still some badges from 2013 whose codes are expired. One of those is Ambassador Black, and also the fourth code in Amazing Acronyms. Could that please be fixed? Thanks.

@sara: I agree with you, it would be very useful if each magazine issue had its own record. Please consider this, AADL!

The cipher clue for the second Nessie code has an extra letter "B" added to the end. Is this some convention of the cipher that I'm not familiar with, or was it just someone's too-fast typing?

@Latitude 06/21/2014 - 11:09pm: The weird thing is that some posts do have properly sorted comment threads attached (for example, ), while others have this challenging system, and I can't at all imagine why.

... And also for the fifth, there's an extra "H". What's this about?

Are there actually bonus codes for No. 006 or is it just a fun extra?

UPDATE: There clearly are, sorry!

I'm having a lot of trouble with the 5th code for the No. 006 badge -- mostly because I don't really get what an ordinal is, I think, and also because there only seems to be one number?

Speaking of the bonus codes:
I'm stuck on the last two bonus codes of the No.006 badge. For the second to last one, I know the song they're talking about, but I don't know what to do with it. For the last one, I don't even know where to begin. Any help?

@Latitude - I think ordinal is something like first, second, third, etc.

I was running into exactly the same problem. Tried first name, last name, and first and last together. Hope someone can steer us in the right direction since it can be frustrating to be so close, but yet so far!

Thanks, this was helpful. Somehow the last time I tried I think it only searched for items that included both first and last name. I may have used quotes and that might have been the problem.

I was in Brooklyn this weekend and earned some points while there.. You'd think I could take a couple of days off, but with new badges, who can resist?

The business about ordinal numbers is a bit confusing because "ordinal" has two different meanings. There are a bunch of mathematicians called "number theorists" who like to contemplate the question "what is a number?" For them "ordinals" are things that are ordered and where each item is uniquely identifiable by the set of things smaller than it, basically just a more general way of talking about natural numbers (0,1,2,3...) that includes other mathematical objects with similar structure. Anyone who was trying to figure out what an ordinal was by reading that kind of stuff was probably very confused.

The word in the clue was being used in the sense linguists use it, not in the sense mathematicians use it. To a linguist an "ordinal" is an adjective form of a number that refers to it's position in a sequence instead of its magnitude. In Engish, "first", "second", "third".

You wanted to know that, right?

@SBNB: Well, if you know the song for the fifth bonus code, you have the code! Just go to your player page, click, "I have a game code," and type in the title of the song, and that should be your code.
For the sixth, to find the song in question, go to the catalog record of that item the code you found was in - you know, the one that "works" - and look down the list of songs for the song that makes you think of flying (watch out so you don't get stung!) Once you find the thing doing the flying, search that word along with the last word in your bonus clue.
Hope this helped, and good luck!

Now, I am stuck on the very last bonus code - the seventh. I think I know the name of the pokemon - S*****? - but when I type it into the code box, it does not recognize it as a code (I tried both singular and plural). I also tried searching it int the catalog, just in case, but got no results. Can anyone help? Thanks!

@SBNB and yaldah, for code #7, look at the item that gave you code #7. Now search for a Pokemon whose name is similar to what he has in his hands. Then rewrite the title with that Pokemon for the code.
I'm also stuck on #6, so hopefully your clues will work!.

Thanks! I had five, and now I was able to get six and seven. :)

The Panda badge! I love how it ties in Ann Arbor connections. Great thinking.

Can anyone help me with Loch Ness Mess #2? I get how they lined up the mixed up words on the zigzag writer, and I found the name on the Wikipedia page(spelled a little differently though), and I found who he wrote about, but I can't find a book that mentions him in the catalog. Also, can anyone help me with POLKeMANIA No. 006 #3? Thanks :)

Also, can anyone help me with:
-Pandamonium #2? I found the name of the school, but I can't find the right item in the catalog.
-Jailbird Watching #2? I have nothing so far for this one....:-/
and - Aughts-through-twenty #2? I have found the show, and possibly the man behind the series, but I can't find in the catalog.

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on the Potter's Potted badge and I am having trouble finding the 5th codeword. I think I found the plant they are looking for but when I go to type the plants name in I find no codeword. I do not know if I have narrowed down the search enough or what so I am hoping some of you gameres out there can give me some more help. I am also having trouble with finding the third codeword for the cupcake badge.
Thanks so much for the help

@Lmd3577 for the cupcake one, you search the name of the founder in the catalog. Its not going to be a book about him though, its going to be a book about a different famous Johnny.

@estermyer - For the panda one, search the 1 word name of the school along with the 2 word phrase from the hint.

@SBNB Thanks, got it now!

Lmd3577 I had trouble with the 5th Potter's Potted clue too! It's not a book proper but a book on CD. Use the "advanced search" and the name of the plant but ask for the book on CD. You'll find the code there. Hope this helps.

Love the badges for activities around town.

The Alcatraz badge description has an its written with an unnecessary apostrophe. ;)

This is for the POLKeMANIA

[overly helpful hints deleted. Don't spoil the puzzles! -eli]

I have a question about the downloads. I am wondering if you get points for downloading certain files or can you get them for downloading the ones you choose because I when I am done working on badges I usually go to download songs to get more points but I find I don't get points for some but I do for others so I am wondering what the secret to getting points while downloading. I hope some of you gamers out there could give me the scoop to help me get some major points on the downloads.
Thank you so much

@Lmd3577 - As far as I can tell for the downloads, you get the points for the first time you download a song from an album but not for subsequent songs from the same album. Also, I haven't been able to get any points for downloading any of the books.

@estermyer - If you're still looking for the Jailbird #2 and Aughts #2, here are some hints.

Jailbird 2 - On wikipedia's page for Alcatraz, look under "federal penitentiary" some "notorious criminals".

Aughts 2 - If you google the year and the two names, you should get a result with the answer. If you already found it, google the last name of the man or the first word of the show title, and you should have it.

@SBNB thanks, I found them both! ;)

I wonder why, when you are entering a code, the "submit" button is small and grey and the "cancel" button is large and orange? I keep canceling my codes.

I can't wait for KRC!

Is anyone else having trouble on the cupcake badge?

@Kathscot: Thanks! Got the code! :-)

Can anyone provide me with a clue for the POLKéMANIA No. 006 bonus #6 (Transform it to keep evil at Bay!)? I'm pretty sure I know the piece I need to "transform" but I can't figure out how or what to transform it into. Thanks!

@Chrisp35: If you know the piece, just search the creature (you know, the one that flies?) along with the word "bay," and you should find your code. (You'll also see what the clue means about "transforming" it.)
By the way, here is something I've picked up from doing a whole bunch of badges: When there is a capital letter and it's not a proper noun, usually (not always, though!) you should pay a lot of attention to that word.
Hope this helps, and good luck find the code!

@yaldah: Thanks so much!

@chrisp35: You're welcome! :-)

@sbnb and @Lmd3577 -- I'm experiencing the same problems with earning points with downloads. I definitely have gotten zero points for any of the books I've downloaded. I wonder how much of it has to do with the web browser you use.

And whoa, what's up with those huge blue buttons at the top of the summer game page. Those are HUGE!

Just saw that they've added the four blue buttons at the top of the home page! Cool! Also, can anyone help me or give me a hint for: Loch Ness Mess #2 and POLKeMANIA No.006 #3?


Thanks for mentioning that and heeding it! That's my favorite park and many, many people just tend to ignore that little piece of the boardwalk "etiquette" and take their dogs back there anyway. So as someone who utilizes that boardwalk frequently, I say thank you for splitting up and having someone wait with the dog!

Okay, I feel like a complete idiot, but I'm having a horrible time even getting started with the Loch Ness Monster badge. I tried searching for the type of creature Nessie is supposed to be but didn't find a code in any of those items. I've tried searching for Rail Fence Cipher, Loch Ness & Nessie with no luck. Can someone give me a clue on how to get started on this one? I'm feeling very very dumb! Thanks!

@manz So glad you like that one. Trying to find that perfect picture for the badge was tricky - there are just TOO MANY cute panda pictures - not that I am complaining! ; )

@vlong: It's actually way easier than it seems. For this first code, just search the word "Plesiosaur," (as given in the hint) and your code will be in one of your results. The later codes for the badge get a little more difficult, but for the first one it's very straightforward. Good luck on the badge!
P.S. Don't feel dumb - I was confused at first too. It just didn't make sense that it would be so obvious, so it wasn't obvious at all! ;-)

Loch Ness Mess - final clue

There is only one book by that author in the catalog.


Haha, yeah I just noticed those buttons too. :)

As for the browser, I tried it with both Chrome and Firefox and got the same results.


Lochness - Figure out the guy's name by decoding the cipher. Go to his wikipedia page (I found him without the B on the end), and the name of the saint is right there. But you'll want to search the catalog for just the saint's name and nothing else.

Polka - I'm pretty sure I just searched the catalog for the words in the clue that begin with capital letters.

I actually figured out the Loch Ness Mess #3 earlier, but I am stuck on the last code :/ @SBNB I searched all of the words that are capitalized in the clue in the catalog, but more than 100+ items came up, and i looked through the first few of the items but couldn't find it :/

Agh!!! SO close! We got 31/32 Comics Alley codes. How did we miss one table!!!

I tired to remove my post as I had solved the problem, but, could not delete it. How do you delete a post?