Anatomy Model Kits Now Available For Checkout!

Visit the Downtown Library to check out our new anatomy model kits. Each kit contains one model and several awesome anatomy books. Open little windows to peek inside a 3x life-size heart, give your Einsteinian noodle a workout with a 9-piece brain puzzle and get an up close look at all the functional bits inside a giant eye. If you're feeling adventurous there's also a full size skeleton named Stan! The entire anatomy model collection is browsable at


i love the skeleton! this collection is an incredible resource for ann arbor.

These look so cool! Thanks for adding them.

Woah. I'll be sure to look for those the next time I go to Downtown Library.

This is so cool! I wish I'd had this stuff growing up... which just means I'll have to check it out right now!

I'm so glad these are finally circulating! These would make a great resource in the classroom.

This is so great that these items are circulating since I've told people to keep an eye out for them. Not literally.

Well, as we sing in storytime, "I dropped my nose (whoops!), pick it up, pick it up..."

great addition!

If I checked out the skeleton I would probably just put him near my door and hang my coat on him. Then he would look super fashionable.

wow! AADL never ceases to amaze...

This is amazing. I wish more items were at the branches, or that they were requestable. Maybe someday...but it makes going to downtown even more special.

i noticed this stuff the last time i was downtown. so cool!

Is there an estimated date for making LittleBits available? I saw Eli with them at the Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire and have been anxious to borrow them ever since. Thanks!