The LEGO Movie on DVD & Blu-ray

Everything is awesome! The LEGO Movie is released today! It was an absolute thrill to see this on the big screen and I can’t wait to watch it again and again. All of the adults I know who saw the film liked it way more than they thought they would. It’s not just a kids movie! It is full of adventure with kind-hearted, funny and amazing characters to build with.

Be sure to also check out the awesome LEGO Movie books we now have in the collection! Here's a list of all the awesome LEGO Movie stuff at your library.

And for the LEGO super fans, mark your calendars for AADL’s 9th annual LEGO Contest on August 7th! Folks of all ages can enter amazing creations for cool prizes. Even if you don’t plan to enter a project, is it an absolute treat to walk into a large room with hundreds of amazing LEGO creations.



I've heard that this movie is great. I'll try to..."There are no copies currently available, 417 requests on 35 copies."

I've been DYING to see this movie. Every time the trailer pops up on television I crack up. Maybe I'm easily amused, but I mean who doesn't like Legos??

I think this a great movie. It helps kids use their imagination with Legos. It was both funny and adventurous. I hope that many people get to watch this movie, but it might be too long for some. It is still good to watch.

I really want to watch the movie

can`t wait to get it.


I watched it again last weekend. SO GOOD. It's still good.

I wonder how part 2 will compare... Why are they doing that?!

I heard that this is a great movie for kids.

i haven't seen this yet. perhaps it may be worthwhile to check out...

When our boys were younger our living room floor would be carpeted in LEGOs!