Bawk Bawk!


Last week Ms. Amanda told CHICKEN stories during her storytimes.
We heard about a hen with a surprise in Bumpety Bump, a hen searching for the best place to lay an egg in Mama Hen’s Big Day, and a little book that featured the littlest Little Chick.

Here’s a wonderful, new CHICKEN book to roost with, Peggy: A Brave Chicken on a Big Adventure. The beautiful illustrations tell the story of a chicken named Peggy who was happy living in countryside and one day she gets swooped off and lands in the big city! It’s a darling story about getting out of the nest once in a while and enjoying new things, while yet still enjoying that special place you call home.

If you still have chickens on the brain like I do, and are playing the SUMMER GAME, don’t forget to visit Director Josie Parker’s office downtown and look for the CHICKENS– it’s a CODE worth 1,000 points!


i love chickens

Me to.

Have you seen the Chickens in Kauai, Hawaii ? They are so funny!

I like chickens

I saw Josie's chickens; definitely worth the climb to the 4th floor!

I'm thinking that CHICKENS might be the theme of this year's Summer Game.... and I was really hoping for cats to be a focus! Oh well.

A lot of chickens around our neighbor! They are cute. :)

If you go to Josie's office and find the 1,000 point code for the chickens you'll also earn a badge when you enter the code worth another 1,000 points!

I saw the chickens, have the code. NOT GONNA TELL IT NO MATTER WHAT!!

Do you know how long it took me to climb those stairs?