IT HAS BEGUN! And here comes your first BADGE DROP of 2014!

HOLY COW, GUYS! Summer game started 10 hours ago and it's off to a ROARING start! Over 700,000 points already scored, 1800 game codes entered, and 530 badges earned! 10 HOURS! And it's not just the most hardcore players, there are 500 players playing already! I know that's 5 exclamation points in a row, but you have to understand how AMAZING this is!(!)

The thing is, we had a feeling this might happen, so we came prepared: this year's first badge drop is the biggest first badge drop ever with 20 BADGES in all: 7 starter badges, 12 scavenger hunt badges, and Josie's Chickens, a special badge that requires a trip to the Downtown Library and a visit to the library director's office:
2014 Badge Drop #1

SOOOO...what's your next move? Earning badges? Planning which events you will go to? Finding codes in the catalog and on Old News? Rating items writing reviews tagging items making lists?? Visiting libraries to get codes?

Oh, speaking of codes, did I mention that there are already 174 codes waiting to be found by YOU at libraries, in the catalog, and at library events? How on earth can you do it?! Dedication, that's how! Go to those events! Complete those badges! GET THOSE CODES!!! DISMISSED!!!


One question: for the Backwards in the Backwoods badge, what does the first clue refer to? All we know is that he is in the Bigfoot Wikipedia page and that he's a man.

@jmock you want to search for the word indicated in the catalog. Then when you bring up the list of items that include the word - click on each item and try to locate the GAME CODE (it will be listed on the left side of the item's record below the publishing, and subject information). Once you find an item record that has the hidden game code click on the code itself to redeem it or copy/paste it into your player account after you click the "I have a game code" button. You may have to look through several items to locate the code.

Yes first badge drop :D
Thank you AADL for working hard on developing these badges for us to solve. They're definitely the highlight of my summer.

@erin: Oh sorry! I should have been more clear. I have the badge already, I was just confused by the hint . . .

Got to make these badges last until next Friday....
Has anyone thought about how there's a badge drop on Friday the 13th?

Anyone can help me on #4 for the ProDUCTivity badge?

#4 on proDUCTivity didn't make a whole lot of sense to me and I found the hint unhelpful, but if you search for "duct tape" and one other keyword from the clue (in plural form), then the you'll find the code on one of the books that comes up.

One of the small frustrations of this game is that the catalog search engine isn't really very smart compared with Google. It doesn't do stemming, so searching for "dog" and "dogs" will get you completely different results. It doesn't fix spelling mistakes, so if you aren't finding things, check your spelling. And every now and then I fail to find things because I didn't notice it was set to search for "authors" or "titles" instead of "keywords". None of this is really bad, but you have to get to know its quirks to really be successful.

Is the process for earning badges getting harder? I'm kind of getting a "new year, new level" kind of vibe...I guess that's why it's a game.

Anyone can help with #5 on Meeting Your Waterloo?

I was stuck on Waterloo #5 for a while. I found out that the waterslides in San Dimas were part of the Raging Waters Water Park and I already knew that the island Napoleon died on was St Helena. Neither these pieces of information has anything at all to do with the answer. The last sentence is a fairly direct reference to something. Find that thing.

I don't think the badges are harder.

One thing I've noticed, which I appreciate very much, is that there hasn't been much of the thing where you have to click through hundreds of catalog entries to find a game code. So far there have always been enough clues to narrow your search down to a fairly small number of pages.

General advice: The catalog search box has controls under it that can narrow the search to "books" or "movies" or "music" or "downloads". If the clue tells you what kind of thing you are looking for, you should take advantage of that. Furthermore, after you do the search, there are some "Refine Your Result" controls in the right-hand margin. If you are looking for a "youth book" then after you search in "books" then you can select "age group" and "youth" in the right-hand margin. Then there will often be a bit of odd wording in the clue that is actually a hint for the particular title that you are looking for, so scan down the list of titles for something that matches before you start exhaustively checking each item for a game code.

@ jmock:This is the best I can do without giving it away, but just look for ____ downloads

Kudos to the creator of the constellation badge. Those gamecodes are hilarious.

To all you gamers out there I am working on the Terrific Terrariums badge and I need help of figuring out the clue to question 3. I have used google and I went to an article on Wiki and I think I eigther spelled the original name or I am going about finding the answer to question 3 the wrong way. I hope one of you gamers out there can help me out with finding the codeword for question 3.
Thanks so much for the help
Lmd 3577

@Lmd3577, I struggled for quite a while with that one. It turned out this is a case of less is more.

The new summer game banner for 2014 has arrived and it's awesome! Love the color scheme, too.

For Terrific Terrariums three, you seem to be on the right track. Oddly the old name for terrariums does not link to the wikipedia article about that name, but you can find it anyway.

I have 5 so far

@cherylo - I'm loving the color scheme, too. I'm excited for the terrariums around town. :) So fun. :) I had a great time looking for all the mochimochi stuff last year and am looking forward to the terrariums.

I'm stuck on the fourth code for the "Backwards in the Backwoods" badge. I thought I had found the animal in question (does it start with a G?), but when I searched the name of that animal, I got way too many results, and it wasn't in the first several, so I feel like I'm missing something. Is there some other way to narrow it down, or do I have the wrong animal altogether? Thanks!

Oh, never mind - I just found it! I see, it was a more generalized term that what I was thinking of. :-)

I saw that someone else has already answered for #5 in Meeting Your Waterloo, but I still cannot seem to figure it out. Any help?

Rats! We've tried to search with A--, G------, and M-----, but didn't get anywhere. What are we missing?

@RowanEMH: What badge are you working on?

The Bigfoot one. Thanks!

The clues are incredibly annoying so far this year. Or maybe it's just me...

jmock: San Dimas has a waterpark. Find the wikipedia article about it and read the end of it.

I am so excited

Has anyone else noticed that there is a Correctory slot in the leaderboard? It says it was "Gave Points-O-Matic feedback in Directory Correctory Mode."

Thanks for mentioning that , @Zhengyang1022; sounds intriguing.

BTW, I mentioned this to Mariah @ TOP tonight, but just repeating so any issue if it exists can be addressed: I was unable to get text submission of codes to work for me tonight. I neither got a response from the texting server/bot nor were the codes I sent credited on my account until I later entered them in the web form. I will persist and find another way when a technical issue arises, but I don't want any other players to get discouraged by one. Thanks for looking into it! I am happy to provide more detail if it would be helpful; just let me know.

I've been entering codes by text successfully this year, so it seems like it is not a universal issue.

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on the constellation badge and I am having trouble finding the codeword for the fifth and final question. I think I have found the answer on Wiki but I think I may have but in my search the wrong way and when I go to search the constellation on wiki I get several options on where I can possibly find the search word to find the codeword. I am hoping one of you gamers can help me out with a clue on how to find the searchword so I can find the codeword.
Thanks so much

@Jan Wolter

I recognized the movie referenced, but for some reason I didn't think of searching for it at first. Whoops! Thank you.

I found a page that provided a few versions of who killed Orion. One key I noticed was "He" (two of the options were a female). Additionally, it seemed to me that there are three different ways a person might spell the search term. Use the one that ends in "s".


Android doesn't like shortcodes that have both letters and numbers. Try texting your codes to 42235 and see if that works. Let us know!

The correct one is A**. When you search the plural of that word, the code should be in the second result. Hope this helps!

Woohoo! So excited to get started on hunting for badges! It's going to be a busy summer :) And hunting for CODES!!

@Lmd3577 - The last line of the clue is somewhat important as well. Your code will be found in an item that fits with that last line.

Actually, there's an error in there (Eli! Help!). The clue describes him as "The first person who even found footprints of bigfoot", but searching CIRE NOTPIHS's name in the catalog doesn't get you there. Luckily, the additional Hint for the code is enough to clarify.

Somebody should have been proofreading these badges before they were posted. Typos abound.

Yah, I found quite a few typos as well

@eli, thanks. That appears to have solved my issue, and sorry to have troubled you.

Just a note--the fifth letter of the keyword for the third clue needs to be an o, not an a. You get the same number of results, but it's an entirely different selection.

I was hoping to finish off the 2013 badges I didn't have time for last year, but the codes have "expired" even though they're still there in the catalog (codes from other years still work, why not 2013?). Is it going to stay like that?

Can the clues only be found by going to a branch?

@SBNB - which badge(s) are you having this problem with? we tried to turn all of those codes back on from last year but may have missed some. let us know which badges and we will take care of it for you!


@Lmd3577: Notice that it specifies a lot about tails. "Orion met his end at the hands (well, tail) of another nightsky denizen. He and Orion stay so far away from each other that that deadly tail..."

I have to admit being absolutely THRILLED with the last clue for the Napoleon badge. I was hoping something about that would be included in the badge. :) :) One of my favorites. :)

@imracom: No, the badge clues are found by clicking on the badge. It'll bring up a pop-up screen with the clues. You then use Wikipedia & Google to find the proper search term for searching the AADL catalog. When searching, pay attention to the clue. Sometimes it'll tell you to specifically look for a book or a movie. That will help narrow your choices down. Check out the items listed in the search results. Game Codes are found underneath the "Tags" section on the left hand side of the item page.

There are different codes at the branches that get you different points. Sometimes there's a badge attached, like the "Branch Explorer" badge but not usually. However, depending on how many codes have been placed around the buildings, you can really rack up extra points that way.

I hope that helps!

I'm stuck on the last code for the Waterloo badge.... I know the water park Raging Waters has something to do with it, but there are a lot of results for the names of the water slides.

@andrewjmac - The only one I tried so far is the Cyclopedia badge. But it's great to know that I can work on those again!

To all summer gamers:
Can anyone point me in the right direction for the Meeting Your Waterloo #4 and the Terrific Terrariums #3? I feel like I am overthinking both of them.

@SBNB - cyclopedia codes should be just fine now. we'll look into why some of those didn't reactivate. in the meantime, let us know if you run into others!

@andrewjmac - I just ran into another one: Ambassador Black. And thanks!

I also don't know where to start for the Pop! badge. I searched music score but it didn't work.

Bookbird you are on the right track but need a slightly different term that could encompass singles as well as whole soundtracks. Say you want to learn to play Let It Be or maybe sing a madrigal and you read music. You need this.


For Terrific Terrariums #3, the original name is in "See also" of Wikipedia. It was hard for me to figure out what they were looking for with " find a book about the very first place those eager botanists sent their.....whatever it was called back then". The key is where the first one was sent to. Then search for the full name of that place in the catalog.


For Meeting Your Waterloo #4, I found the group by searching for "pop group" and the country name. Then, the relevant song was clear when I read the last paragraph of their Wikipedia page introduction (before the contents).


Check out the pop culture section of the park's Wikipedia page.

Well, I noticed that a couple of items containing codes don't seem to seem to be in the catalog any longer - for instance, for code #4 in the "Apps in Space" badge, I found the correct item (I am absolutely certain it is the correct item!) in MelCat, but apparently AADL no longer has it. Also, for the also for the code #3 in the "Copper" badge, I am certain that I have the correct species of dog, but searching the word doesn't bring up any results - I tried both singular and plural. I don't know if you can do anything about that, but I thought I'd just let you know.

I'm glad the Park Explorer series will be continued this year - my family had a lot of fun collecting those last year.

Agh!!! We are stuck! Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Added an "s" to A-- and have tried it alone, with "suit" and with "costume." Is it a book or movie? Have tried it as a keyword search and title search. No games codes in first 10 entries. Thanks for your help! Last badge of the week. Can't wait til Friday!

Does anyone know how I can have my childs account also earn the badges that were given to me? I added a player but everytime my son does a review, taging, and rating the points and badges are going towards my summer game account.

I'm really sorry - somehow I told you the wrong thing. It is the singular of the A** word after all. But the code should still be in the second result, which is a horror DVD. Hope this helps, and, again, sorry I said plural before. :-)

yay badge drop

Hi KarinaKangas,
Send in a "Contact Us" (bottom of the left-hand navigation bar) with the name on your child's account, and we should be able to link the two. Thanks!

Got it! Thanks yaldah!


Can someone help me with the 4th code for 'Backwards in the Backwoods' and the 2nd code for 'Bacon Me Crazy'????

Thanks!!!!! :)

@mariah -- I'm not sure, but I think KarinaKangas was asking if there was a way to unlink the two accounts... so that, for example, the SG points and badges the kid earned could be identified as belonging to the child's account, rather than being added to the mom's.

Basically, it's an issue of the unclarity of the "Sign up an extra player" link on the Player page. I think KarinaKangas understood this to simply mean "Here's a link to give someone else a Summer Game account," missing the part on the page linked to that says "Add an extra player to your website account [emphasis added]."

@KarinaKangas, have I got this right?

The second code for the Napoleon badge--the code, in and of itself--is a treat. Just saying.

Ah, @KarinaKangas I may have misunderstood. Either way, they best way to handle it is to fill out a "Contact Us" so we can make sure someone takes a closer look and does the right linking or unlinking.

For the 'Backwards in the Backwoods' badge, find NOSRETTAP NILMIG backwards, and use wikipedia to find the film with the person in the _____ suit. (It should be in the first paragraph)

Thanks so much! (Wow that code seems obvious)

For the alternate name, I didn't consider just putting that in as a code until i found the code in the catalog. But it sure seems like a gamer could skip a step on that one.

@ Mariah (and anyone from IT that is reading)
I did send my question to "contact us". I sent it yesterday morning and still havent heard back.

@ZackTheCardshark Thank you so much! You understand my problem!

@KarinaKangas, I'm really happy I could help. :D

hi everyone

Hi yourself, Jerry.

Can anyone help me with Bacon Me Crazy #2 and Backwards in the Backwoods #3??

You know the author Dan Brown? Think about his most famous book that was also made into a movie. Search for part of the title.

Found it! Thanks!

Summer Game is Awesome! And it's great you can get help for the hard clues from other commenters. Have fun and keep trying.

What do you search for after you found the type of suit??

Can anyone give me a hint or something on the Meeting Your Waterloo badge bonus? ;)

@Gabriela: When you find what the suit is, search the animal's name to find the code. The correct animal should start with A, and the code will be in the second result - a DVD. Hope this helps!

Sorry, I can't - I was stumped on that. I guess you're just supposed to recognize the picture? I don't know...

Try searching for Napoleon Bonaparte comics on google images. That led me to a similar image (albeit B&W), and from there to the name of the book. Good luck!

I tried that, but I didn't find anything :/

Found it! Thanks so much!!!!!!! :)