New Ways to Borrow: Up For Grabs Blu-ray

Up For Grabs is the newest way that you can borrow materials from AADL. Think of Up For Grabs as free Zoom Lends, where we set aside a few of our most popular items to be available for walk-in checkouts. Up For Grabs items are non-requestable and non-renewable, though you can still place requests on their non-Up For Grabs counterparts. They currently circulate for 1 week and are available on a first come first serve basis. Up For Grabs items have a special sticker so that you can find them on the shelf, and you can also find them in the catalog. So if you’re deterred by long request lists or Zoom Lends rental charges then keep an eye out for Up For Grabs!


This is so cool! I think it's time to get a Blue-Ray player!

nice movie!

Nice! This'll come in handy when a long-awaited book finally comes out :)

Thanks for letting us know about this, because I never knew that "Up For Grabs" was a thing. I guess that explains why certain things have stickers.

This actually seems quite nice. Too bad I don't have a Blu-ray player. Does this also include books?

We're not offering Up For Grabs books yet, but we may do so in the future.

Oh. You should really think about that.

I'd like up for grabs for items other than Blu Ray, too.

This will definitely encourage me to stick around the library and check out what's up instead of picking up my holds and leaving...

Great movie. Great acting!

What a great idea. Maybe if you do "Up For Grabs" for books, it is for half the time (like 2 weeks) to keep it moving in the queue?!

Wait, these are only Blu-ray movies? That's interesting.

How does circulation compare between Blu-ray and DVD, anyway?