The Fault in Our Stars on the Big Screen

Okay, Nerdfighters and John Green fans… Are you ready? For the past year and half John Green’s newest book, The Fault in Our Stars, has been insanely popular. And the book has reached peak buzz since the MOVIE adaptation comes out this Friday, June 6!

Hazel is a teen fighting terminal cancer. She meets and falls in love with Gus at a cancer support group. The book and movie tell the story of their romance along with their various health issues. It sounds like a downer, and it is – I went through a box of tissues reading the book. But the story celebrates being alive and being in love and I smiled as I cried and their endearing story.

Author John Green has been on set, and has been tweeting and Instagramming over the past year during filming and he and the film crew are very excited about the outcome. If the author loves it, will we? Of course when books you love get turned into movies you have to wonder… Will it be any good? Will it compare? Will the characters live up to your expectations?! We’ll find out Friday! Drop a comment and let us know what you think after you see the film!


I'm seeing it next week, and I already can't want! I heard it was really good :)

You know what would be super cool? If the library had semi-frequent Nerdfighter gatherings!

I heard that this is a great book to read.

This is a great book, and my friend says they did a good job with a movie. I missed it in the cinema, so I'll have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

quite fine I say

Loved the book, loved the movie. Great adaptation!

Great movie and book