Public Elevator at Downtown Library Out of Service

The public elevator in the Downtown Library failed a routine safety inspection earlier this month, and is out of service. The repairs needed will require that the elevator remain out of service for most of this summer. We are not planning on having the elevator back in operation before Labor Day weekend. If you are visiting the Downtown Library and are unable to use the stairway, please ask any AADL staff person for assistance. We will escort you through staff areas to the freight elevator in order to get you to your desired location in the Library.

The lower level of the Downtown Library will be closed to the public when the repairs are being made. We know that there will be noise and unpleasant fumes from the work. We expect work to begin soon after July 1. If at all possible the noisiest and most unpleasant work will be done mornings before the Library opens. The noise, vibration, and fumes may require that the Library be closed during regular hours and on short notice. We will do our best to make these decisions in a manner that is respectful of your time and your need for the services available in the Downtown location of the AADL.

We are very sorry for this inconvenience, and hopefully, it will remain merely an inconvenience. Please let me know if we need to do more for you while the public elevator is being repaired.



Thank you for telling us. I do think other people would also co-operate in this matter.

What in the world takes months to fix? Can you give me the "elevator pitch" as to why?


The hydraulic jack that lifts and lowers the cab has failed. The failed jack must be removed, the shaft re-drilled, and a new jack fabricated and installed. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Josie,

Thanks for letting us know about this. One suggestion I want to make, and you may have already thought of this, but for those times when the library must close during regular hours, and on short notice, perhaps there might be a good way to get the word out, e.g., via Twitter or Facebook, so that people could be aware before coming downtown.

Thank you for all that you all do. The AADL is an amazing resource.—Dan.


Thanks so much for the compliment. Information about closures and any other updates regarding the public elevator will be posted here, and you may follow us on and on Twitter @aadl.


I thought there was more than one elevator...

One question, how much of a distance is the freight elevator from the front door? Would it be a lot of walking to get from the front door up to the free space room upstairs? Thanks

There is only the one public elevator. The freight elevator is near the loading dock at the northeast corner of the building. Freespace is on the southwest side of the building.

What is the freight elevator normally used for? SECRET LIBRARY SPY MISSIONS?

(I know, I know, it's probably just Lots of Books. It's fun to imagine, though. Thanks for letting us know!)

Please explain why "The shaft must be redrilled." Thanks

A staff member told me that the staff/service elevator is available on a semi-emergency basis. I am paraphrasing. We took the stairs.

We enjoyed the Kids Read Comics activity today. The elevator was not a big issue. For us.

Thanks everyone for understanding the situation and using our work around with the freight elevator. In answer to hendelms, the ground fills in as the old jack is removed. We hope that the need to drill will be minimal, but we are prepared if that is not the case.


I am disabled and this is incredibly inconvenient.


We agree, this is a very inconvenient situation. If you are visiting the Downtown Library and are unable to use the stairway, please ask any AADL staff person for assistance. We will escort you through staff areas to the freight elevator in order to get you to your desired location in the Library.

We are so glad that you are visiting AADL Downtown.


Yes, the staff have been very helpful whenever I've asked for assistance. But I'm so looking forward to having things back to normal again, as I'm sure everyone is! :)

This does not inconvenience me, I don't know what the inside of the elevator looks like! Just wondering, when will the elevator reopen? A lot of noise, vibration, and fumes is definetly not my favorite environment. Will it affect /disturb people on the first floor?

Hope it gets fixed soon

The staff is being most accommodating. Thank you.


We are glad to hear that you are not inconvenienced by the elevator situation. Yes, the repairs will disturb people on the first floor, but we will do our best to keep the disruption to a minimum.

We hope to have the elevator back by Labor Day, but that is still a target. Much depends on the conditions underground and we won't know that until the defective jack is removed.


Hopefully everything is going smoothly.

But I received E-mail telling me some of my items are ready to pick up while I didn't receive E-mail about others I have ordered earlier. So I could pick them up at Traverwood?

When is it getting fixed?

Hi, I have rented two pieces of music tools equipment and I need to go out of town before they are due back. I tried to return them today to find the library unfortunately closed. How can I return these before I have to leave for the week?