Stacked Vessels: Glass Artwork by Annette Baron

Now through June 29, 2014 -- Downtown Library: Lower Level Display Cases

The Stacked Vessels series is a combination of classic and whimsical vessel forms. These assembled forms are inspired by the image of a water drop landing in a pool of still water. The rings are reminiscent of ripples and the lid of rebounding drops thrown back into the air.

Baron's formal study was not in visual arts but in music. After working as a professional musician she made a career change. Baron took classes at the Toledo Museum of Art and studied the museum’s vast glass collection. She has found it both significant and self-informing how much her experience as a musician now reveals itself in her work as a glass artist. Time, rhythm, form and color, all familiar concepts that fluently translate into glass.

The furnace at Baron Glassworks was fired up on November 24, 1998 in Ypsilanti, Michigan. It was designed and built to function equally as a working artist’s studio and school. People walk through the door with different aptitudes for this media. Some have many transferrable skills and excel with judicious guidance and access to facilities while others require a greater investment of time and energy. Baron accepts all students who share her passion for glass.


I don't get to the DT library during the school year, usually.

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