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AADL's breakthrough SUMMER GAME is the best way to have fun, explore your town, and keep busy ALL SUMMER LONG! Solve puzzles, earn points, and get useful stuff from the SUMMER GAME SHOP!

SUMMER GAME 2014 starts Friday, June 13, and runs through Sunday, August 31! The Summer Game Shop opens Monday, July 7. Stay tuned to PLAY.AADL.ORG for full details, and don't miss the hottest game in town!

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I wouldn't miss it! Are YOU

I wouldn't miss it! Are YOU ready?

Yay for the Video!

AMAZING job on the video. You know, the thing about summer game is that it is VERY addictive (at least for me). I am already thinking about how many ways I can work summer game into my days without my parents suspecting just how much I actually play :) I really want to play right now. One question, I see one code in the middle of the video, but is that another one at the end? If it is, I got a message saying that it expired.

Pretty good video, I liked

Pretty good video, I liked the code and the message you got after entering it.

video code

everything's fine now. The code works :)

Try retrying the code because

Try retrying the code because it is a valid code also what I find helpful during the summer game is clicking on the secondary code and writing it down on a piece of paper so that way I am always looking at that secondary clue while I am looking up each original clue.

I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!

My son and I are excited about this summer's game! I hope we'll get to have a wrap party this year so we can meet each other. I had a great time running into other players during the final hours.

And great video AADL!

I got an error message?

I tried to click play on the video, but a black warning box popped up that said "Error loading media: File could not be played" for some reason. Is this happening for anyone else?


Love the video! Nice info for those who are new to summer game.

Great Video!

So excited for the upcoming summer game!

Points already?

So we got the 1,000 points from the codes in the video, but how is it there are folks on the leaderboard with over 3,000 already? Can't wait til Friday!


Everyone's excited in our house and counting down the minutes until the summer game begins! It would be fun to have events to bring game- and code-crazed players of various ages together so that the game could have a social component with interactions between library users instead of just library/user interactions.

2500 points!

Ok, "read every post..." Where? Which posts? Help!!


Try the post that promised a game that never arrived. For the other 100 points, think youth version of AXIS

Wait, what are you guys talking about?

I feel like there was a conversation that came before that I missed somehow. So what's going on? Whatever it is, I want in on it! ;-)


Hint:Check the new 2014 leaderboard

Still missing something...

I checked it. And...? Let me clarify my confusion: where did this admonition to "read every post" come from? It looked like @RowanEMH was quoting it from somewhere. And what does it mean, anyway?

Never mind, I got it anyway.

I still don't know where "read every post" came from, but your hint to RowanEMH turned out to be enough for me to find it too. So, many thanks. :)


I know the code this "read every post" thing is referring too - at least, I think I do. (I got it soon after it was first posted, if I'm thinking of the right one.) However, I'm not sure what that sentence came from, anyway. Oh, well, I guess it doesn't matter. :-)

Read Every Post

It came from looking at the SG2014 leaderboard, finding out that some players earned points before SG's official start, and looking at their scorecards in an attempt to discover there the points came from. the read every post was part of the hint to The Code.


Thanks, Bookbird!The mystery is solved. :-)


Don't forget that there are 'codes' hidden in JUMP.


There are? Are there new ones this year? I didn't see anything about that on play.aadl.org, and I remember that last year there was an announcement that there would be codes found through jump.aadl.org, as well as badges for finding the codes.


At http://jump.aadl.org/node/263802, you can find your first clue, and you will need a AADL JUMP pamphlet to find the codes.


there's an online version of the pamplet

Zhengyang1022 & Bookbird:

Thank you, both of you! I saw your comments, found the first clue, found the online JUMP brochure, and found my codes! Thanks so much. Just one question: Where was it announced about the JUMP codes? I didn't see anything about that on play.aadl.org.


It wasn't announced (unless I didn't see it). However, before the real summer game people already had points, which told people that there were hidden codes in the movie/post/JUMP.


Ah, thanks! I didn't realize that you could look at other people's score cards, until Bookbird mentioned it about the "read every post" thing, and I forgot about it. :-) Well, now I know, and hopefully I'll remember!


So that's it! I was wondering. Thanks so much, Bookbird.

Thank you!

Thanks for the hint!

Hey, it's Souleyman! And there's Jeff! Wow!

How amazingly cool to see Souleyman and Jeff appear in this video! Souleyman, if you happen to read this, it's me--you impressed me with your strength on Tuesday. ("Now, you were able to do it when it was full. But can you manage it when it's empty?") I didn't even know you were playing. Now we'll have to join a team together (if we haven't already. Maybe we have. I don't know your username). Anyway, see you next week!


Yeah, I know! Cool, huh? (I didn't actually recognize Jeff at first, but still... :-) )

Great Video

Really nice video! It is entertaining and summaries the AADL summer reading game really well. Good job AADL!


I was invited by a librarian to sign up and I'm glad I did. It took me a little while to figure out how the badges worked, but once I got that it was like a scavenger hunt through the online catalog, I realized how much fun this was.

great game

The aadl summer game is a great fun for all of our family. My son began to love reading because of this game. Thank you very much for such a great activity.