Felt Ball Fun!

Tuesday June 24, 2014: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm -- Pittsfield Branch: Program Room

This event is intended for adults and teens grade 6 and up

Local crafter Beth Battey leads this hands-on workshop. Start with colorful wool roving, add warm water, a little soap and some patience, and you get a fun felt ball!

Felt balls can be toys for kids and pets, jewelry, a garland or a fun decoration!


like it!

it is realy fun!

sounds like a lot of fun.

sounds like a lot of fun.


this is fun! We did it before.

I did this a couple of years

I did this a couple of years ago. Be prepared for a lot of squeezing.

pittsfield branch

it's too bad this event is at pittsfield -- the aata buses don't go there so i can't make it.

Ya, it does.

Ya, it does.