Planet Rock Climbing 101 for Teens

Friday July 25, 2014: 1:15 pm to 4:00 pm -- Planet Rock at 82 Aprill Drive

This event is intended for teens in Grades 6-12

Join us off-site for an afternoon of indoor rock-climbing at Planet Rock on 82 Aprill Drive (off Jackson road). Registration is required and begins on July 1. To register please email the attendees first and last name, phone # and the grade they will enter in the fall to A confirmation email will be sent. Attendees must have a parent or guardian sign the required waivers and bring it with them when they check in or be available in-person to sign the waiver when dropping the attendee off at Planet Rock.



This is a great activity for teens. Thanks.



Sounds great! Wish we had

Sounds great! Wish we had events like this when I was younger!

My kids a re excited to

My kids a re excited to attend! Thank you so much.

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