Parent’s Corner: Autism Awareness Month

April is National Autism Awareness Month, which highlights the growing need for concern and awareness about autism. “The US recognizes April has a special opportunity to educate the public and autism and issues within the autism community.” A potential resource to educate on this subject is in books found on the Parent Shelf.

The Downtown library has a shelf in the Youth Department known as the Parent Shelf. On this shelf you’ll find a variety of parent-child related books on a multitude of topics- including autism, and everything from language to potty training to safety to bullying. These books are available for checkout and can be found in the catalog when searching “parent shelf.” Here are a few to start with more information regarding children with autism:

*Autism Spectrum Disorders: What Every Parent Needs to Know
*Ten things every child with autism wishes you knew
*1001 great ideas for teaching & raising children with autism or Asperger's

AADL has many books in the collection on this topic – see here for more.


All of your 'autism' info is with regards to children with autism. How about posting info on adults with autism? What happens when these children become adults?
Thank you.

Caroline Wunderlich,
Hello! Thanks for the comment. You are correct, the info in this post is related to children with autism and their parents. It's part of a series of blog posts I write on the variety of book topics that can be found on the Parent Shelf, and they are mainly about working with children. Your question is indeed valid -- what happens when these children become adults.

For those interested, we do have a variety of books regarding adults + autism. Here's a list.