Out like a lamb? Well, sort of.

No matter how it seems, we know that spring is officially here. And one day soon that fact will actually feel true. In the meantime, remind yourself of the feeling and promise of spring with these resources.

The book The Enchanted April brings together four women at the tail end of a long, dreary, grey winter in London and follows their explorations of love and friendship in a sun-drenched, wisteria-covered villa in Italy. Watch the movie to remind yourself what light and warmth and flowers look like.

Read this charming story,”The Day We Flew the Kites”, taken from a long-ago Reader’s Digest, about how the memory of flying kites on a windy day in March, lived within two families for decades after. And then check out our collection for a book about building and flying your own kite.

Listen to The Four Seasons by Vivaldi, which perfectly evokes the sounds of each season. Remember Spring? He gets those violins to sound like baby birds in a nest!

Take a walk. Washtenaw County Parks is already sponsoring guided nature walks and programs.

Read about how the spring season has inspired people’s hearts and spirits for time out of mind:
Spring: A Spiritual Biography of the Season;
Why Buffalo Dance: Animal And Wilderness Meditations Through the Seasons;
Ring of Earth: A Child’s Book of the Seasons;
The Language of Spring: Poems for the Season of Renewal;
Chasing Spring: An American Journey Through a Changing Season.

The birds know. They are singing more, and behaving positively and busily happy. Find a guided bird walk in the Arboretum and view the many migrating birds which make their way through Michigan on their way north. The Washtenaw Audubon Society has much to offer the interested birder.

Take home a whole bag of picture books and a dvd. Stories to Go: Spring will keep everyone in the family hopeful.

Here you will find books about April Fool’s Day. No foolin’.

Now is the time for starting seeds.(Indoors for now.) Here you will find resources about how to start your summer gardens.

And, stay strong. It can't be long now!