DIY: Travel Journals & Adventure Logs

Friday June 27, 2014: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm -- Traverwood Branch: Program Room

This event is intended for teens (grades 6 and up) and adults.

Join us to make travel journals and adventure logs for your summer travels with a simple book binding technique. Add envelopes, tags, notes, and other interactive elements to your pages to keep your memories in place. If you already have an adventure you'd like to document, you can bring your own travel mementos with you to add. Otherwise, you can create the bones of a great travel journal that will be perfect to fill in with your summer adventures!



I think i might come it sounds nice

sounds like a fun momento

sounds like a fun momento

That sounds pretty fun!

That sounds pretty fun!

This is one my kids have not

This is one my kids have not done yet in all the craft offerings at the library. We'll be there.

Good way to plan with kids so they get more out of a trip

I had in mind to make such a journal as a 'bon voyage' gift for my son to take on a trip, but now I'm thinking that involving him in making the journal will be a way for him to learn about his destination(s) before hand so that he can get more out of trip. If he's looking up maps and seeing where things are located--or even just getting a sense of the lay of the land in various locations he'll visit--he'll be more aware and invested in those place when he's there.

looks fun

That sounds fun, will see if can make it.


I think I'll stop in to make one of these for my husband and myself.


This was really fun and loved it. I could do it forever. Thank you!