Now Available Through AADL: 20 Knitting Patterns to Make Your Favorite Mochimochi Land pals!

Mochimochi Land was launched in 2007 as a place where knitted toys and people can live together in a spirit of tolerance. Now, thanks to a partnership between Mochimochi Land and AADL you can access a collection of delightful knitting patterns to create your own friends!

AADL is overjoyed to partner with Anna Hrachovec, to offer 20 DRM-free Downloads of Mochimochi Land Knitting Patterns to all AADL Cardholders. All you need is to have an AADL library card. Then, login with your linked AADL online account, and all of these patterns are yours for the knitting!

The characters that inhabit Mochimochi Land are original designs by Anna Hrachovec, a knitter who lives in Chicago. Anna finds inspiration in Hello Kitty, Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, and illustrators like Dr. Seuss and Mary Blair. Anna’s knitted toys have been featured on The Martha Stewart Show, all around the web, and in print.

Anna has four books in print filled with her knitted and whimsical characters and friends. Her first, Knitting mochimochi : 20 super-cute strange designs for knitted amigurumi was released in 2010. Next she went MINI with Teeny-tiny mochimochi : more than 40 itty-bitty minis to knit, wear, and give. In 2012 she released Super-scary mochimochi : 20+ cute and creepy creatures to knit and this past fall she went GIANT with Huge & huggable mochimochi : 20 supersized patterns for big knitted friends.

You may recall that last summer Mochimochi Land was an whimsical and dynamic part of the Summer Game. People loved the designs so much we wanted to offer our users unique access to a collection of downloadable patterns featuring some of the most popular Mochimochi Land characters. From the jumbo gnome (pictured above with Anna), to tiny sushi & pets, stackable cats and Zaru the monkey with the long tail knitters and toy makers will love using Anna’s patterns to make wonderful gifts and toys.


Brilliant! Thank you!!

I'm making all of these!!! Oh but where to start?!

The PDF downloads are a great idea! Hope to see more! Thank you!

Awesome! These are my favorite things to knit!

Super awesome! What a great collaboration.

Thank you for this wonderful collection. Anna has been one of my favorite toy designers for a long time. I'm excited to have access to many more of her patterns!

hooray! very, very happy about these. i love the finished toys so much, i may even have to learn to knit and *eventually* build up the skills for these! ; )

We're so happy this amazing collection is as exciting to everyone as we had hoped! Anna will be back this summer for a hands-on knititng program on Saturday, July 12 - stay tuned for more details!

Thank you so much! These are wonderful!