Visit The Downtown Stuff Shelf and Check Out Some Stuff!

Are you looking for things to do over the holiday break? Then why not pay a visit to the Downtown Library and check out our Stuff Shelf. The Stuff Shelf is where is keep our extensive and growing collection of tools, gadgets and other cool things.

If you're looking for sciency stuff then we've got telescopes and microscopes, more microscopes and lots of devices for measuring things like environmental quality and sound.

More interested in stuff you can use around the home (perhaps you are trapped there for the week), then we've got devices for measuring your energy use and testing your microwave and determining the best place to hang a painting.

If you know someone currently in their dinosaur-phase (for some of us this lasts a lifetime) we've got a series of dinosaur fossil kits so you can check out a T-rex tooth or a Triceratops horn or a Velociraptor skull.

If things are a little too quiet around the house then check out our collection of musical devices. We've got items great for beginners like Boomwhackers and Bliptronics and Pocket Pianos, as well as devices for more advanced users like Microbrutes and Volca Basses and Pocket Pianos again (which really are great for both beginners and experienced users alike).

Have fun and let us know how it goes.