MineCrafters Guild Meetup

Sunday January 19, 2014: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm -- Downtown Library: Training Center

This event is intended for grades 6 - adult

Meet in room or online to help build the model of Ann Arbor on the AADL server at minecraft.aadl.org.


xbox or computer

Is this on a computer or xbox?

We'll be playing on

We'll be playing on computers.

Model the Library?

I'm not going to be able to participate in person in this event - I'll be on kid watching duty that day.

Past events like this have pretty quickly devolved into everyone building creative stuff - which is fine, but maybe not the point. I think it might be cool if there were a bit more support for people who actually want to try building real stuff.

I think a lot of people find building real stuff challenging partly because they don't know what the real stuff should look like. My "finding stuff" tool can help with that a bit. But it might be cool to do something a bit more structured. I think a neat idea might be to model something everyone will have the resources to figure out: the interior of the downtown library.

This might need a little prep work. The training room where this meeting will be held has already been modeled, but it is kind of in the wrong place. It's positioned on the top floor, but I'm actually pretty sure there should be a fourth floor above it. I suspect that the actual exterior shell of the library model is too small to actually contain the four floors it is supposed to have. But if someone went in before the meeting, raised the roof, roughed in the floors and the position of the main stairwell, then you'd have enough of a framework in place so that people could go in and build out whatever part of the library they choose and have it all fit together in the end.

Having folks running all over the library doing reconnaissance might be a bit disruptive (or maybe just fun) but you could always prep a collection of images of different rooms in the library to use as a reference.


The new bus station across the street from the library also needs modeling. That also might be an accessible project to direct some people to.

Fixed up the Library

Being fond of my own ideas, I visited the Downtown Library today and wandered around with my camera a bit figuring out how things fit together inside. Turns out I was right about the current model of the Library being too short, but wrong about the model of the training room being in the wrong place. All I had to do was raise the roof of the entire Library three blocks, and that put the training room in exactly the right place, with space above it for Jose Parker's office on the fourth floor. I also put in the main stairwell and roughed in some of the floors. I raised the model someone had done of the garden to the correct ground level.

The whole teen section of the library that someone modeled also has the wrong floor level, but I didn't raise it up because I think a whole lot more than that is wrong with it, but I didn't take any pictures there so I didn't know how it goes.

So if anyone at the event wants to work on parts of the library they are in, I think the shell is now the right size, and enough of the floors are in to be able to figure out where things belong.


can you do this from your house or do you have to be at the downtown library?

You Can Totally Do This From Your House

If you have your own Minecraft account, you can do this at home. The library has some accounts people can use, but I don't know how those work or if they can be used from home.

To get on the Minecraft AADL server:

  1. Start the Minecraft launcher on your computer.
  2. Create a "New Profile" with the "use version" set to 1.6.4
  3. Launch Minecraft using that profile.
  4. Set the server to "minecraft.aadl.org"
  5. Join.
  6. Type "/warp downtownlibrary" to see the built part of the Ann Arbor Model.

I have some notes on modelling Ann Arbor at

The server right now is somewhat flakey. It's not as bad as it was, it works fine if there aren't many users on. But it kind of collapsed under the load of a lot of people getting on at once during the event. It wasn't always like that, and I hope it will get fixed up better someday.