I have two words for you: Twinkies. Cookbook.

Yep. That's right. The Twinkies Cookbook. What do you cook with Twinkies? Why would you cook with Twinkies? How is there an entire book devoted to this?

It is a mystery answered by Hostess and Twinkie-loving contributors in this one-of-a-kind, can't-put-it-down-even-if-you-really-want-to, beautiful but distressing diamond of a cookbook, published in 2006.

Why distressing? Let me just shoot some phrases off to you. Twinkie Pigs in a Blanket. Twinkie Kebabs. Twinkie Lasagna. Twinkie Sushi. Are you intrigued yet? Do you need to see these for yourself? Trust me, it's mesmerizing.

Don't get me wrong, that Twinkie Banana Split looked like it could definitely have potential. And given the staying power of Jimmy Dean's Pancake and Sausage on a Stick, I could see how maybe - MAYBE - the pigs in a blanket could work. It does say it's for breakfast. And in fact, the Twinkie Burrito (which kind of looks more like a Twinkie crepe with fruit and chocolate sauces) actually looks like it could be pretty decent...

...okay, I might want to try all of these, just to see if any of them are actually something that could do the impossible - make a Twinkie more edible.

But don't count on me requesting the Twinkie Wedding Cake on my special day.

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