Your Very Own Cooking School

Every February my friends and I would talk about taking a cooking class in some Tuscan villa where the sun is warm, the basil abundant, the food robust, and the cooking inspiring.

Here we are in July. That conversation is still fresh in our minds but plans are again on hold. But this year, I won't mind staying home to refine my cooking skills with Linda Carucci’s Cooking School Secrets for Real World Cooks as my trusted guide.

At, 10 out of 11 customers gave this title a 5* review.

The author is an award winning cooking teacher even though you might not have seen her dazzle you with her knife skills on the Food Network. (Hint: She does not have a show, yet!)

Besides trying out some 100 “adventurous and sensational” recipes, I am looking forward to learning a few tricks and secrets of the professional chefs such as plating and paring. Thanks to Linda, this year, my family and friends will eat well.