Gen Con or Bust!

I went to Gen Con, the Best Four Days in Gaming, this weekend in Indianapolis. It was really awesome. I saw tons of new card games, board games, and role playing games. I also found out some cool stuff like the book Dragonology is now a board game. The new video game based on Eragon was available to play even though it doesn’t come out until November, and there was big talk about the movie coming out in December. I also saw the crew of Mythbusters from the Discovery Channel. They did a demo on how to clean stinky feet, a concern for the participants of Gen Con. I am already dreaming of next year. Did anyone else get a chance to go?


Nuts, I missed it again. Well I'm still up for any gaming events you might want to hold. I can supply some interesting ones.

I'm totally up for ideas. What would you want to play?

Arkham Horror (board game), Killer Bunnies (card game), Illuminati (card game), Once upon a time (Card game) maybe some other stuff. I happen to own all these but almost never play them.