LEGO Contest Winners!


Our 1st Annual contest was a smash success! We had close to 70 entries - from the parent/child category all the way up to high school. From a "Peace Enforcing" ship, to a replica of an ancestral castle the projects were creative, unique and awesome. Thank you to our judges - Eli Neiburger, AADL IAS Manager, Duane Collicott from Bricks for Brains and Philip Proefrock, an architect at Luckenbach Ziegelman Architects. Close to 200 people attended the event last night. The 1st Place, Runner-Up and Honorable Mention winners received Toys R Us gift certificates for $30, $20 and $10 respectively. Several of the winning projects are on display at the Downtown Youth Desk - be sure to stop by!

Lego Contest Image 1
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Click "read more" for a list of winners. Without further ado our winners were:

Parent/Child Category: 1st Place/Jesse Cheng & Dad; Runner-Up/Zane Jones & Dad and Honorable Mention/Alexa Boyse-Pecor. Best Architectural/Grace Zheng; Coolest Robot/Christine Zheng; Best Vehicle/Daniel Zacks; Most Creative/Kiele Williams; Most Sophisticated/Huda Vaid; AADL Certified Lego Master Builder/Jesse Cheng.

Grades 3-5 Category: 1st Place/Ryan George; Runner-Up/Benjamin Janevic; Honorable Mention/Jordan Steiff. Best Motorized/Victor Boyse-Pecor; Best Architectural/Alexander Deatrick; Coolest Robot/Caleb Jones & Louis Teitelbaum; Best Vehicle/Diego Garcia; Most Creative/James Portz; Most Sophisticated/Sarah Adams; AADL Certified Lego Master Builder/Ian McKenny

Grades 6-8 Category: 1st Place/Ray Batra; Runner-Up/John Behrendt; Honorable Mention/Jake Johengen. Best Motorized/Noah Kaczor; Best Architectural/Patrick Weisner; Coolest Robot/Nikita Nikishin; Best Vehicle/Joaquin Aguero; Most Creative/Cal Kirchen; Most Sophisticated/Clara Ness; AADL Certified Lego Master Builder/Ashin & Noveen Fujii

Grades 9-12 Category: 1st Place/James Dunbar; Runner-Up/Steven Walker; Honorable Mention/Daniel Nees. Best Motorized/Daniel Nees; Best Architectural/James Dunbar; Coolest Robot/Elizabeth Deatrick; Best Vehicle/Steven Walker; Most Creative/Joshua Gillespie; Most Sophisticated/James Dunbar; AADL Certified Lego Master Builder/Jacob Powers & Emilio Mateo


This sounds like a really fun contest! For those of us who don't often make it to the downtown library, it would be great if photos of some of the winners/entries could be displayed on the website as well.

Oh cool! I had no idea that this contest was happening until I saw the results here. My family would love to be notified of the next contest. I don't suppose there's any way to sign up only for announcements of Lego events....

Hi! I'll see what I can do to get some photos posted - great idea! The best way to keep tabs on what events we offer for children and teens is to get your hands on our JUMP - for children and AXIS - for teens - brochures. We have them at every service desk (and on all of our literature racks) at every location in the system. JUMP comes out 3x a year and AXIS is now 4x a year. The lego contest was also listed on the website in a few places. We are extremely pleased at how well the contest went and can assure you that we will be doing it again next year. The time frame will probably be the same - initial details were announced in late spring when the brochures were released and then the official guidelines were released in late June and the event was in August. I'm the teen services librarian downtown - so please don't hesitate to contact me directly for more information on youth programming and services - 327-4227.


thanks michael

Unfortunately, hard-to-replace pieces (e.g. many minifigs from different sets) were stolen from my son's creation while on display. Sigh. Maybe next year if you display them, you will put them in a locked glass case. Don't get me wrong, my kids and their friends loved the chance to participate in this event; unfortunately, the experience was tainted.

thats too bad sorry bout that. what person would steal legos from a kid

A little kid that like putting things in his mouth could easily be the culprit, Bad driver.

I feel very, very bad about the fact that lego pieces were stolen from our prize winners pieces. This was the first year doing the Lego contest and there are *many* things we will be doing differently next year. Putting entries in locked cases is definately on the list. I hate to think that your experience was tainted by the unfortunate behavior of a few, but I certainly understand why it would.