Stories We Tell on DVD

Sarah Polley is amazing and adorable, as both an actress and a director. Stories We Tell is a documentary she directed and stars in as interviewer. The film shares the process of how Sarah learned she was the product of an extramarital affair, and relies heavily on her father Michael Polley’s memoir. The story is told through multiple interviews with her father, siblings and other family members, which creates a touching portrait of the life and stories of one family, and how stories change depending on who the storyteller is.

The talking heads are artfully interrupted with the recreation of Super-8 footage in the style of home movies reenacting moments in the lives of Sarah and namely her parents, Michael and Diane. This creates a lush backdrop for the thoughtful and intimate interviews.

In December, this surprisingly delightful film was included in the Toronto International Film Festival's list of "Canada's Top Ten" feature films of 2012.


I just added a hold on this title. Thanks for sharing this movie's story.