It's Time for Indoor Gardening!

With fall upon us and winter approaching faster than some of us might prefer, it’s time to think about indoor gardening! Indoor gardening can be as simple or complex as you like, from keeping a few house plants in the living room to maintaining a full herb garden or a bonsai display in your home. The library has a number of great books to help you get started, give you advice on how to move outdoor plants indoors, and tend to plants that are struggling now . Don’t Throw It, Grow It! even gives tips on how to grow plants on windowsills from food scraps. For the ambitious, books on more unique plants or on caring for the finicky bonsai trees are also available.

Kids can get involved in keeping things green over the winter too. Check out My Indoor Garden by Carol Lerner for easy suggestions for helping kids choose and care for plants during the chilly months.

To learn more about both common and unusual houseplants, think about attending Life as an Epiphyte at Matthaei Botanical Gardens on November 16, when artist Penrith Goff will speak about over 6,00 types of bromeliads.