Happy National Kale Day!

Today is National Kale Day! A whole day to pay extra attention to the yummy, delicious, truly beneficial green leafy vegetable known as kale. Put this super food in green smoothies, have a kale salad, toss it in a burrito, in chili, or on pizza! Bake it into chips, eat it raw, or massage it up. Kale is super hearty and versatile, ready to go in just about any dish.

For a few books from AADL on kale and other greens check out Spinach and Beyond and Wild About Greens. For books outside of AADL I recommend The Book of Kale: The Easy-To-Grow Superfood and Kale The Complete Guide to the World's Most Powerful Superfood.

And for some extra fun: Perhaps you remember when Chick-Fil-A went up against a Vermont artist and T-shirt creator stating that his slogan “Eat More Kale” was too similar to their slogan “Eat More Chickin.” The matter still has not been settled, as Chick-Fil-A claims that “Eat More ____” is their property.

Lastly, local gardener Diana Dyer (garlic!) has a blog called 365 Days of Kale where she offers a ton of recipes, info, and insight on the health benefits of kale.

How will you be celebrating Kale Day?!


I think I'll make a delicious kale salad!