That's Right-- National Corned Beef Hash Day

On August 8, 1974, Richard Nixon ordered his last meal as the President of the United States. Deviating from his usual breakfast of wheat germ and coffee, he ordered corned beef hash. You have to wonder what he would have thought about this comfort food having its own day. That's right; September 27 is National Corned Beef Hash Day.

In case you don't know, corned beef hash is often a mix of beef, onion, potatoes, and spices that are mashed together and then cooked with other ingredients. In many places in the United States, corned beef hash is served primarily as a breakfast food. It is often served with eggs, which is how Nixon ate it on his last day as commander in chief.

If this has whet your appetite and you're interested in making your own corned beef hash, there are several books that will help you do this.

The Joy of Cooking has a recipe for Cabbage Stuffed With Corned Beef Hash. If you're looking for another interpretation of this dish from the "dean of American cookery," you'll find a recipe for Quick Corned Beef Hash in James Beard American Cookery.

Ellie Krieger has written a number of cookbooks that focus on healthy choices. For a healthier take on corned beef hash, check out Comfort Food Fix.

Perhaps Emeril put some "bam" his recipe for Baked Eggs With Corned Beef Hash. You can try his interpretation of the dish in Sizzling Skillets and Other One Pot Wonders.

Finally, if you see corned beef hash as a "manly" dish, maybe the Eat Like a Man cookbook is your best source for this meal. If you like the results, maybe this book is, indeed, the only cookbook that a man needs, as suggested by its subtitle.

However, if you'd just like to have it like Nixon did, this article claims to have that recipe.


What a fun blog! Loved Corned Beef Hash. Wish I had known before I cooked the oatmeal this morning. Thanks,

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