National Sewing Month

September is National Sewing Month! Sewing is a wonderful art form that spans generations and brings people together. How many of us learned to sew from our mother or grandmother? How many have taught our own children to sew? It’s an amazing gift to pass down, and a great skill to learn. Even if you just plan on sewing on buttons that fall off! Because guess what? You’re sewing. To participate in a month-long celebration of sewing, AADL has books to get you started on new projects, or get you motivated on ones that have been collecting dust in your craft corner. It’s time to bust out the machine and get to it. Here’s a few new favorites in the AADL collection:

Best of Stitch: Bags to sew

Sewing for boys: 24 projects to create a handmade wardrobe

We love to sew: 28 pretty things to make: jewelry, headbands, softies, t-shirts, pillows, bags & more

The library has SEW MANY great craft books to get you inspired and sewing away. With a wide range of projects from purses to dress, for many different skill levels, the books have you covered with great images and tutorials.


It would be great if the library could purchase a few more of the recent English translations of Japanese sewing books, e.g. by Natsuno Hiraiwa, Jinko Matsumoto, and others by Yoshiko Tsukiori, as it's nice to be able to see these in person.

It's great to see all the sewing books aimed at and for children.

willow, Those sound interesting! Feel free to put in a "suggest a title" via our Contact Us page Your suggestions go directly to the person who selects the books to be included in AADL's collection.