Homemade Pizza

September 4 was National Cheese Pizza Day. It's not to late to celebrate by exploring pizza-related cookbooks.

If you would like to learn about pizza, not limited to the cheese variety, Pizza: A Global History might be the book for you. Here, in this brief volume, Carol Helstosky takes us from pizza's origin in eighteenth century Naples through its presence (omnipresence?) in popular culture. This particular book is a part of a series dedicated to the history of food and drink with a global perspective. Thought this book is mostly a book about pizza, you'll also find a few recipes to try if you find yourself inspired. If you enjoy this book, you might like others in the series on topics such as pie, pancakes, hot dogs, and sandwiches.

Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough's book Pizza: Grill It, Bake It, Love It! can be described as their guide to making a variety of enjoyable pizzas at home. This book contains over 100 recipes including classics and more inventive recipes with toppings such as squash, chard and even duck confit. This book also includes instructions for making a variety of crusts including a gluten-free one.

For a take on pizza from a well-known chef and restauranteur, try Alice Water's Chez Panisse Pasta, Pizza & Calzone. From the title you can tell that this isn't a single subject book. However, it has something in store for you if you're interested in pizza. Some of these recipes can be time consuming, particularly if you're tackling the homemade pasta, but with over 140 recipes, you're sure to find inspiration. In this book you can expect to find recipes with names like "Buckwheat Pasta, Roasted Peppers, & Endive," or "Barbecued Artichokes & Broken Garlic Pasta."

Inspired by a trip to Naples, Charles and Michiele Scicolone became determined to find a way to duplicate the pizzas they experienced in their home kitchen. Their pizza-related quest, gives us the book Pizza: Any Way You Slice It, which boasts tips on topics from dealing with dough to selecting toppings.

Pizza California Style sets out to provide a pizza recipe for every palate. Here you'll find California style pizzas which are relatively light and have a thin crust. The flavors in the pizzas in this book borrow from a variety of cuisines including Mexican, Japanese, Thai, French and Italian. Here you can find recipes for "Chinese Style Duck" pizza or "Sesame Shrimp Teriyaki" pizza.

In any case, it's pretty likely that even the most die-hard pizza fan can find a new way to enjoy it!