Exhibit: Benedette Quilt Quarry: Quilts by Benedette Palazzola

Now through October 14, 2013 -- Downtown Library: 3rd Floor Exhibit

This exhibit is a collection of about 20 quilts, including both new and retrospective work.

Benedette Palazzola was a choreographer for many years, and also occasionally wrote poetry and music. When she learned to sew five years ago, it was in order to be an artist in a new way. Her goal in making quilt art is to raise to the level of fine art the beautiful and richly varied traditions of American quilting. Quilting provides her with an outlet for her love of color. Many of her quilts are inspired by a glimpse of two or more colors juxtaposed, whether in nature, in a fabric shop, or in her studio.

As an artist, she tries to offer work that provides some form of common ground between artist and viewer, reaching out to the viewer in ways which are natural and therefore appeal to human nature.


Will definitely come to see

Will definitely come to see this.