Fancy Felt Pins & Hair Clips

Tuesday, August 20 | 6:30pm-8:30pm | Pittsfield branch | For Grade 6 - Adult

Join us for an evening of making decorative pins and hair clips out of felt and other embellishments. You’ll think of designs, cut out your shapes, jazz them up, and hand sew and glue them into place. All materials will be provided, just bring your creativity! This program is for teens and adults,6th grade and up.

For more fun with felt, check out this list of books.


great event

Any chance there will be cat hair felt? I just checked it out ever since I found it via the summer game.

beenie, I'm familiar with that book! Ha! No, none of the felt programs I create for the library involve using cat hair felt. I generally use standard acrylic, sometimes wool if it sneaks in. Thanks for asking!

:( We missed it. Any chance to do it again in the future?

I love this event! I hope it will be there again in the future! I enjoyed my time spent there making clips!

takako, It will be repeated sometime in 2014. Stay tuned to our events calendar to see when!

egozon, Glad to hear you had a good time! Hooray DIY!

A lot of libraries don't offer crafts for adults, so I appreciate the chance to try new things along with the teens!

I missed this class. Will be an another class for this?

takako, Perhaps next summer! Stay tuned to for all program updates.

Why are most of the craft events at Pittsfield?!