Save time & money with Slow Cooking

Summer is quickly fading and Fall will be at our door soon. For me, Fall is about putting away the grilling tools and breaking out the slow cooker (aka the crock pot). I love walking into my house and being greeted with the smell of dinner that has been cooking in my absence. It’s just so inviting! The AADL has a great assortment of make-ahead cook books that will help you save time and plan dinners ahead. Simply do a search on slow cooking and the choices are abundant. One of my favorites is the cookbook, The Best Slow & Easy Recipes from the editors of Cook’s Illustrated magazine. This book contains the traditional selection of slow cooking recipes like pot roast, chili and beef stew. It combines crock pot cooking with oven cooking to create over 250 mouth watering recipes. Vegetarian can join the slow cooking club too! Check out the book, Fresh from the vegetarian slow cooker: 200 recipes for healthy and hearty one-pot meals that ready when you are. In addition to the time saving benefits of using a slow cooker, there are also financial benefits as well. Slow cookers are energy efficient and cost less to run than conventional ovens. Additionally, slow cookers give the option of buying cheaper cuts of meat because the slow cooking process tenderizes the meat and brings out the flavor. So break out the slow cooker and start saving both time and money while creating tasty and healthy meals for you and your family!


thanks for featuring this book - it is inspiring me to break out my crock pot for some fall recipes.

Looks like an awesome book. I'm in a bit of a slow cooking rut.

nice book

There is also a public list for slow-cooker cookbooks. If you search the public lists for "slow cooking" or "slow cooker", you should find it. It takes all of the non-related items out of the search for you and includes slow-cooker cookbooks that focus on kid-friendly meals, specific ethnicities, vegetarian and vegan diets, and even specialty diets like the Paleo diet (which is gluten-free).

Great! Thanks for the tip vlong!

i've always wanted to try crock pot cooking. now maybe i'll give it a try!

I like the slow cooker but it's often more than 8 hours between when I leave in the morning and dinner.

nice book

Yay a new cookbook! Perfect for a recent college graduate on a budget that is a vegetarian and has a boyfriend who likes to eat his meat!

While the ease of slow cooking appeals to me, I've never really gotten into it. Also, I have precious little counter space as it is, without trying to fit a slow cooker onto it as well. If it's between my KitchenAid mixer and a slow cooker, the mixer is going to win every time.