Come to the Pittsfield Branch on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 2:00 and make a suncatcher to hang in your window. We will have three basic supplies: paper plates,
tissue paper and clear Contact Paper. How simple or complex you make your
design will be up to you. This is for kids preschool through fifth grade. All supplies will be provided.

Directions for this project and other fun ideas can be found in this book.



will be there ...

This will be a very fun event! You should attend :)

Sounds fun, wish I could be there.

wish I could have went :)

It was fun. My kids really enjoyed making those.and so did I. :)

What a cool idea for a program!

it was fun my kids enjoy it

Does anyone take photos of the events and post them somewhere, like flickr or Facebook? It would be great to see some of the crafts.

Beautiful for sunny window