AADL Minecraft server updated to 1.6.2

It's been far too long, but we've finally updated the AADL Minecraft server to 1.6.2. We're not completely happy with the state of the Bukkit suite, but the server is functional and we didn't want to wait any longer.

We imagine that most all of you have already updated your Minecraft clients, but if not, please head to http://minecraft.net/download and grab the new launcher.

As always, if you run into issues with our server, please find an op in game, post here, or send us an email to minecraft@aadl.org

Looking forward to seeing all of you on our server again


Very cool. Maybe I'll get some more work in soon.

Here's a snapshot of the current view east from slightly above Division Street. We can see the Liberty Square parking structure, the Michigan Theater Building, the Maynard parking structure, St Mary's Church, Tower Plaza, and the Zaragon West, as well as numerous other buildings.

The funnest thing I've built recently is Graffiti Alley, between the Michigan Theater Building and the Liberty Square Parking Structure. Here's an image of the real thing, together with the Minecraft AADL version:

Here's a snapshot of the construction at the Blake Transit Center across the street from the downtown library. Since we'll probably be taking this all out once the construction is over, I thought I should post an image here so that it can be appreciated in perpetuity. I think this work was mostly done by danieliv and Alpha0010.

By my count, the downtown section of the Minecraft Ann Arbor server now contains models of 155 buildings.

I wonder how many buildings there are in Ann Arbor.

I've noticed a lot of users have a hard time figuring out how to find the location they want to build at in Google Maps, so I built a little helper program for this:

AADL Minecraft Location Finder

So if you are somewhere in Minecraft, and you want an image of what is really there, you first hit your "F3" function key, which will display all sorts of info on your screen. The two values you want are you "x" and "z" coordinates. Enter those on the page above, and it will give you a link that you can click on to see the Google Maps image of the corresponding real world location. If you zoom in the map, you'll likely get street views and such.

Or, if you want to build your house, you can enter the street address in the finder tool. It will give you a google maps link, so you can confirm that it found the right place, and it will give you the x,z coordinates of the corresponding location in Minecraft. It will also tell you where the nearest warp point is, so you can warp to that location, turn on "F3" so you can see your current coordinates, and start walking.

I know of 26 different users who have built real Ann Arbor stuff on the server. I hope this will help others join the crowd.

I was wondering if I could make a place where theivery and raids are allowed. Can I make this?

I have no idea what that would be like, especially on a creative mode server. What's to steal?

I think the minecraft server has dropped off the bottom of the AADL staff's priority list. I'd be more bothered by that if I could think of any reason why it should be higher.