Cosplay Contest and DDR Expo

Fruits Basket: Tohru Freaks
Tohru Freaking Out. Nuff said.

Come to the 3rd Annual Cosplay Contest at the AADL this Wednesday, August 2, from 6:30-8:30 pm at the Downtown Library Multipurpose Room . Dress up as your favorite anime, manga or videogame character and compete for prizes. First, Second and Third place winners will win gift certificates to Wizzy Wig. Judging will be based on a combination of knowledge of your character, costume quality and character enthusiasm. Dance on our Cobalt Flux pads in character or come to watch the contest and play DDR.


NO. NOOOOOO. DBOISDHUSFGUISFGISYDGSYGFGUFUSGFDSYF. ;__; The ONE week I won't be here. I have my costume ready and everything.. DX Augh, this is unfortunate. ;_; Well, have funnn~

摩族 トレン

I'll be there (without a costume.)
My brother and Greg will be there and they say that they are using this time to get used to their new costumes for otakon that they leave the day after for.

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I'm so glad your brother and his friend is coming. Do you think they would want to help judge?

That was fun, even if I didn't dress-up.

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