TV Spotlight: Fringe

Fringe gets recommended to fans of science fiction, police procedural dramas, and The X-Files. At first I ignored the recommendations due to the fact that the main actors were also main actors in Dawson’s Creek (Pacey), Lord of the Rings (Denethor), and The Wire (Daniels) and my brain couldn't handle it. Or the comparisons to The X-Files, which I love. Once I got past all that I was deep into the series and couldn’t stop!

Set in Boston, the show follows members of the FBI’s “Fringe Division” who, under the supervision of Homeland Security, investigate unexplained events using “fringe” science and experimentation that usually leads back to the fact that there are parallel universes and many dire consequences to the science behind their possible destruction. The show focuses on agent Olivia Dunham, former psychiatric hospital resident/scientist Dr. Walter Bishop, and Walter’s genius son Peter Bishop.

The early seasons of Fringe were mystery-of-the-week style, while later seasons focused more on the overall mythology that continues through the final 5th season. It’s fun to watch the relationships among the main characters as they evolve—Everything from the father/son relationship between Walter and Peter to Walter’s obsession with licorice and all things sweet. The show is intense and addicting, and you will see things in a different light while watching, because after all there are two of everything.


I might have to check this out...have heard a lot of good reviews of it.

Yes! A fabulous show. One of my favorites!

wow nice show

never heard of it before. i'll definitely have to check it out!

I've heard this show is a tad crazy, but it might be a good crazy :)


Very cool show, loved the science nature of it. Like "This is actually possible, here's how." The later seasons got really confusing, though.

I may need some more time to seriously consider a drama starring Pacey. Hmm..

beeniepie, Ha! It's kind of hard not to fall in love with his character Peter in Fringe ;)