Literary Knits

Author Nikol Lohr presents this cool little knitting book! Literary Knits features 30 patterns inspired by favorite books. The book contains patterns and instructions to make sweaters, hoods, socks and more, all based on some of your favorite novels. There are projects based on: On the Road, The Metamorphosis, The Golden Compass, The Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and more. Haven’t you always wanted a Gregor Sweater, a Galadriel Hooded Dress or a pair of Dorian Gray Fingerless Gloves? It’s quite fun for fans of knitting and books. Even those of us who don’t knit will enjoy the photos of completed projects.


My grandmother might find this interesting!

How cool! I added it to my requests and can't wait. Thanks for blogging this! Knitting is the best! ;)

love knitting

i've always wanted to learn how to knit

Knitting is not just for Grandmas! :)

Knit on

What a cool idea for a book!

of course, this is very cool and all, but how about a manly-themed knitting book? Something like: DIY hammer cozy or, 'knit your own cordless drill holster'?

Or maybe, knit a duck blind?

I think there's a knitting niche waiting to be filled.

Very cool. I don't knit, but I think I'll check this out just to see what there is.

Great for English majors who knit!