Doggie Tales and Tricks

Join us for Doggie Tales on Friday, August 9th at 10 am in the Downtown Library MultiPurpose Room. Our friends from Therapaws will bring some of the most lovable service dogs you will ever meet. A story or two and some time for doggie love is what it's all about!


sounds cool

seems interesting

How cute :)

:-) :-) :-) cute!!!

The Library is going to allow dogs inside? Are there any rules that dogs' human parents should know about ahead of time?

@ Jen - the dogs being brought to the event are from an outside group (there's a link to click if you want more information about them). The library's policy regarding dogs in the library - as well as other rules can be found here with rule #13 Regarding the dogs that will be at this event this is from the Therapaws website:

"In the spirit of this mission, individual owner-dog teams visit residents and patients in health care facilities and in schools and libraries, providing social, emotional, and physical benefits. A strict screening protocol assures the selection of well- mannered dogs of sound temperament and good health."

We will be there!

Dogs are so smart.

They did something like this when I was an undergrad - great stress relief

Why don't you have anything for cats?

Very cool!

@ Latutude what do you suggest we could do with cats? I love cats, but they aren't as likely to be service animals.

I wish I had a dog

I was looking for a program like this for my children. I am so glad it will be held at aadl.

i wish i could make it to this. i think service dogs are great!!

Sounds very educational and inspiring. Something kids will never forget!!!!!!!

I love Dogs! This is so cool!

Dogs are great! Westland Library has a service dog that regularly visits the youth department for kids to read to. It's a great idea.

@Gabriela Valderrama
Right, it does sound like it was going to be really fun. Again, i sadly didn't see it until just now. :(