What's Happening This Week!

Don't miss these AADL events:

LOOKING FOR A JOB? Find out how to search and apply for University of Michigan jobs on Thursday, September 5.

FILM & DISCUSSION: Members of the U-M Solar Car Team join the producers and composer of the Emmy-winning documentary Racing With The Sun to discuss the team's efforts to win the 2011 World Solar Challenge. The U-M Solar Car (pictured above) will also be on display at this Thursday, September 5 event.

RECEPTION AND EXHIBIT OPENING: Join us at the Friday, September 6 reception for the Kerrytown BookFest. The event also celebrates the opening of the BookFest's exhibit at the Downtown Library Ann Arbor Bookstores Past And Present.


ACTIVITIES FOR INFANTS: Your baby or toddler can experience basic sign language in a fun, playful environment on Saturday, September 7. For a much more active event, don't miss the Sunday, September 8 session of Dancing Babies.

SPECIAL STORYTIME AT THE KERRYTOWN BOOKFEST: Young Bookfest visitors can listen to animal tales with Laura Pershin Raynor on Sunday, September 8.

CONCERT: Enjoy a delightful afternoon concert on Saturday, September 7 with local acoustic trio Cairn To Cairn.

COMIC ARTIST WORKSHOP: Budding adult and teen comic artists can get great hands-on tips from cartoonist Joshua Buchanan on Sunday, September 8.

SPECIAL 3D AND VIRTUAL REALITY EVENTS: Adults and teens can try 3D Printing or test out the exciting and new Oculus Rift Virtual Reality (VR) Head-mounted Display (HMD) both on Sunday, September 8.


The Marshmallow Engineering Challenge sounds like fun!

nice events

I would love to attend the marshmallow event. Sounds like a lot of fun!

the marshmallow engineering challenge sounds like great fun!

I love hands on activities!!

That hovercraft event sounds awesome!

seems interesting

you always have such a great variety of events. keep up the excellent work!

Everything sounds fun

cool, today go to~

Everything sounds fun

What a great variety. I hope to hear the concert Thursday.

The Lego event sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

Great summer ideas, thank you!

I agree, what a great idea!

The boys have just begun to build their LEGO creations for this week's contest!

sounds fun

Cant wait.

The Map Madness, the lego contest, the yoda doll, and the music events sound SO awesome!!!!! I'll try to go to a bunch of those!!!!

The last week of SG

I love eating marshmallows...so I'm looking forward to a fun event.

It's not the last week of SG! Summer Game 2013 ends on Friday, August 30 at Midnight. You've still got 3 more weeks!

I bet the Therapaws program will be great!

I'm really excited for the preschool yoga!

I bet the crocheted bracelet making will be a lot of fun.

great events

Looks like another great week at the libraries, can't wait to attend!

sounds fun.

crocheted beaded bracelets sound fun!

AADL is always hosting great events!

crocheted beaded bracelets sound fun, can they do these in pittesfield also

can you do the bracelets at Malletts Creek too?

the drawing lab sounds like fun - what a cool resource!

The hiking looks really cool and so does the hair clips. Hope I can make it and hope everyone has fun!!

felt pins & hair clips event looks interesting

My 2.5 year old loves rockets and astonauts. Will there be a RACE TO SPACE for the preschool group scheduled?

great event baby dancing looks fun

i'm really looking forward to the event highlighting daisy zick

Great programs coming up!

unless you are trying to move a cow,a smart car is way more efficient than a pickup.

the library has so many amazing events that I could never go to.....

i hope i get to meet & pet tuesday!

I think it's awesome that Tuesday will be at the special event!

Will be any where close in the future. i am vacationing in Washington state. Sounds like an awesome event. I have a golden and have had therapy dogs in the past. Hate to miss this. Definitely, will read the book.

Is it against AADL policy for AADL employees to review items in the catalogue? I was curious since it's such a common thing in bookstores but I've never seen many reviews of items on the actual items themselves. The closest thing I've seen to it are the blog entries.

Yes! I am actually in town this week and may be able to attend an event!

An another nice week!

sounds like fun

So many great offerings from AADL.

Homegrown Festival is happening Saturday, September 7th from 6-10pm at the Farmer's Market in Kerrytown!

@beeniepie - Often the blogs are general summaries or reviews of catalog items (some of those blog posts are also featured as reviews in print -- in The Ann.

Staff also put together lists of things that they like, too! Here's a link to some Staff Pick lists.

I get the feeling you are hungry for more, though? ;)

Are you thinking of a *physical* copy of a review adjacent to the book/shelf, like in some bookstores?