Film & Discussion: Emmy Award-Winning Documentary of the UM Solar Car and the 2011 World Solar Challenge - "Racing With The Sun"

Thursday September 5, 2013: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

AADL hosts a special screening of "Racing with the Sun," the 2012 documentary of the U-M Solar Car Team's efforts to win the 2011 World Solar Challenge. The film follows the team as they race a car powered solely by the sun over 1,800-miles from Darwin to Adelaide, Australia through the harsh terrain of the Outback. Made up mainly of undergraduate students, the team tests their designs and innovations, confronts their failures and celebrates their successes on an emotional journey that teaches them about tenacity, teamwork and themselves.

The U-M team is the best in North America but never finished better than third in this race. Have they finally cracked the code? Can they beat the top international teams?

Following the 30-minute screening, members of the U-M Solar Car team, documentary producers Jay Nelson and Jimmy Rhoades and Levi Taylor (composer of the film's score) will discuss the challenges of racing in the Challenge and producing this Emmy-winning documentary. As a special treat, the UM solar car will be on display at the Library before and during the event!


Wow, that's pretty exciting!

I hope to attend. That's awesome that the car will be there!

Will summer game be over then?

I suspect that the summer game will be over by then. I was hoping to get some codes and learning about the solar car at the same time.

Saw it!

I saw the car on Geddes Ave. last month. I'd love to learn more about it.

sounds fun!

i'm looking forward to seeing the solar car in person

Solar Dreams Come True

This Solar Car documentarry is a classic and set an example to all the future solar car challenges. Eversince the U-M team has successfully finished the race and taken solar technology to the hights it has reached in todays world. What's most remarkable is that these people are undergraduate students. All you need is a vision that you truly care about and it will come true is what I learned from this documentary. Best wishes ~ Mary.

"Racing With The Sun" is an

"Racing With The Sun" is an amazing documentary because the locals and the tourists also can see some of the most fascinating cars in the same place. From the classic Aston Martin to the Chevy that only a war veteran can own, all the pieces are truly a blessing for the eye and for the soul. Of course a solar car is still the realm of science-fiction, but sci-fi has steadily predicted the advances in technology.