Amigurumi Crochet Happy Fun!

Thursday August 1 | 6:00 pm to 8:45 pm | Traverwood Branch | Grade 6 – Adult

Amigurumi: they're cute, they're colorful, they're tiny - the perfect challenge for the experienced crocheter! Local crafter Beth Battey will show us just how to crochet these small Japanese toys. You'll need the whole time to finish this project, so don't be late! You won't want to miss a minute of this fun workshop.


sounds fun

totally cute!

We will be there! So Cute.

It was so difficult. We will be the one for beginner.

My friend made me one once

Wish there were a weekly e-mail or text of events so I wouldn't miss them!

@ dumusicgirl & all
There already is a way to get text reminders of events you're interested in! Pick up one of the axis brochures or look here and you will see that each event has a code # next to it. If you click the link above and load the PDF of the brochure look on the far right corner and it tells you that if you text that code to us we'll remind you from then on about that event as it gets closer. So just look at the 2 month brochure and find the stuff that looks good and text us and we'll remind you!

@erin: Thanks for the info. All this time, I didn't know I could do this. Never noticed the last line in the brochures. It will make my life (aka keeping up with kids events) so much easier :)

they are so cute

they are so cute

so cute!

Fun and cute.

Fun and cute.

So cute! I knit a chicken, but I think it would be easier to crochet on this small scale.

Is there any chance this might be repeated?