Author Blaine L. Pardoe Discusses His New Book - Murder In Battle Creek: The Mysterious Death Of Daisy Zick

Wednesday August 21, 2013: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

This event will be recorded

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the infamous Daisy Zick murder, which remains one of the most puzzling unsolved murders in Michigan's history.

On a bitterly cold morning in January 1963, Daisy Zick was brutally murdered in her Battle Creek home. No fewer than three witnesses caught a glimpse of the killer, yet today, it remains one of Michigan's most sensational unsolved crimes. The act of pure savagery rocked not only the community but also the Kellogg Company, where she worked.

Join us as author Blaine Pardoe (recipient of the 2011 State History Award by the Historical Society of Michigan) discusses this shocking crime and his new book Murder In Battle Creek: The Mysterious Death Of Daisy Zick. This event includes a book signing and books will be for sale.

Blaine offers a new opportunity for readers to help solve this baffling case. Who were the key suspects? What evidence do the police still have on this five-decades-old cold case? Just how close did this murder come to being solved? Is the killer still alive? These questions and more are masterfully brought to the forefront for true crime fans and armchair detectives.

Blaine Pardoe is an award-winning author of numerous books in the science fiction, military nonfiction, true crime, paranormal and business management genres. Raised outside Battle Creek, he received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Central Michigan University. He has been a featured speaker at the U.S. National Archives, the United States Navy Museum and the New York Military Affairs Symposium. He currently resides in Virginia outside Washington, D.C.



"Blaine offers a new opportunity for readers to help solve this baffling case on its bicentennial." The case is not 2 hundred years old as implied by the use of the word "bicentennial."

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looks nice book

looks nice book


Maybe the killer will be brought to justice.

true crime

true crime really interests me, especially when it's local. i'll be there!