Take a Hike! @Dolph and Lakewood Nature Areas

Thursday August 15, 2013: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm -- Dolph and Lakewood Nature Areas

Go on a nature walk with a staff naturalist from Natural Area Preservation (City of Ann Arbor) that will loop through both Dolph Nature Area and Lakewood.

Learn about native plants and trees, invasive plants, ecological restoration, and volunteer activities in Ann Arbor Parks.

Dress comfortably to walk and enjoy nature! Meet in the parking lot off Wagner Road, between Jackson Road and Liberty Street. This event is for all ages.


love to join

love to join

Got jewelweed?

I'm trying to learn to identify jewelweed. Any chance that would be found/available to look at, etc. on this hike?

(I've heard that jewelweed can be used to stop poison ivy among other things--not an issue right now, but better to know how to spot it ahead of time than trying to look it up after there's already an urgent need.)

looks fun :)

this looks like it will be fun :)



taking the bus... where do i need to get off?

i'll be taking the city bus to this event. can anyone tell me where i should get off the bus? i'm simply not familiar with this area...

love to learn about native

love to learn about native plants

Jewelweed's all over,

Jewelweed's all over, blooming in wet areas right now, so it should be easy to see and id. Not much else looks like it - juicy stems, 4-5 ft. tall, pretty orange flowers, kind of generic looking leaves.

Sorry we missed it.

Sorry we missed it.

missed it

missed it