Nationally-Known Musician Chris Vallillo Performs And Discusses The Roots Of Rural Music

Thursday August 8, 2013: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

The Midwest is unique among all the regions of the United States in that its access to the major waterways of the Mississippi, Ohio and Illinois Rivers and the Great Lakes made it a virtual crossroads of peoples, cultures and ideas. This mingling of people produced a rich body of music which paints a colorful portrait of our heritage and gives detailed insight into the people and times that forged our history.

Nationally-known musician Chris Vallillo returns to AADL to bring this rich heritage to life in a lively performance/discussion of roots music and its impact on our lives. He will draw on his experience as a music collector and performer of the songs of rural America; from the first pioneers through the era of Steamboats, trains and early radio and will also perform on a fine collection of vintage instruments.

Chris Vallillo is a musician with an affinity for American roots music and a gift for translating historic topics into modern day understanding without losing the bedrock from which they surface. A former archaeologist turned folksinger/songwriter, he is a skilled six-string and bottleneck slide guitarist whose love of the past evolved into a love for old music.


chris vallillo

looking forward to hearing something new musically :)

sounds great

what a cool combination - music and archaeology!

Sounds Great!

Sounds like a great event!

looks interesting

looks interesting

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya!


Promises to be fun


This sounds really interesting! I wonder how you mix music and archaeology?