Mont Saint Michel: An Island Beyond Time - Photography by Sandy Schopbach

Now through September 12, 2013 -- Malletts Creek Branch: Exhibits

This exhibit of 47 photographs is a visual exploration of the many facets of Mont Saint Michel, from seasonal landscapes that encompass the entire island, to the many architectural details of the centuries-old buildings and streets that make it one of France's most recognizable landmarks. Mont Saint Michel is magic. Everything about the island is improbable: its location, its creation, and its longevity.

Mont Saint Michel is a rocky, tidal island of 247 acres in Normandy, France. Located just over half a mile off the country's northwestern coast, the island's highest point is 301 feet above sea level. On top is the Abbey and Monastery, below that, the Great Halls, then stores and housing. At the bottom, outside the walls, are the fishermen and farmers' housing. Mont Saint Michel has hidden corners tourists never see if they only spiral up the main street. These photos are the artist's Mont Saint Michel, a corner of Sandy Schopbach's heart... the island, the town and the Abbey.

Sandy Schopbach divides her time between France, where she has worked as a translator, interpreter, tour guide and freelance journalist, and the U.S., where she works as a court interpreter and also managed the Bird of Paradise jazz club in Ann Arbor. She has also written five children's books about Miles and Einstein, the cats who shared an apartment in Paris with her and her children. Schopbach's photography of France has been included in several exhibits and is also included in her photo book, "Paris in Quotes." Her website can be found at Sandy also writes a blog on living in France,


nice photography

nice photography


i've always wanted to visit france... i'll definitely check these photos out!

can't wait to see

There is something lovely about photographs of europe, cant wait!


Amazing, beautiful photos.

beauty large and small

beauty large and small

Mont Saint Michel is a

Mont Saint Michel is a particularly fascinating place because one can only access it via a land bridge while the tide is out. The rest of the time it is an island that is hard to get to even by boat.

Excellent work indeed. I

Excellent work indeed. I myself is an apprentice at ABP - [link removed] and the photo gallery in this exhibit serves as an inspiration to me.