Double Dash Duo Derby Dinner

Saturday July 27 | 1:00 to 4:00 pm | Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room | Grade 6 to Adult

What could be better than pizza, prizes, and Mario Kart? Join us for dinner and driving Saturday, July 27th. It's Double Dash on a GameCube -- one screen/team! Bring a cart-mate for an afternoon of competition! And did we mention pizza?

This event is for teens (grade 6 and up) and adults.


Again, this is a GREAT way to engage teens in family friendly activities. THANK YOU Ann Arbor District Library!!

Good and way too fun to get engaged.

nice but only for teens & adult...


My son will love it

Can fifth graders come? Please please PLEASE!!!! We'll be good...

I wanna go!!

My kids have been asking for this. :)

count me in!

This sounds really fun! Mario Kart AND pizza! XD


Great idea.