Check Out the AADL Job Search Toolkit

Are you job searching? If so, check out our Job Search Toolkit. It includes online resources to help you along the course of your search. You can learn about careers, find services and support and build your computer skills. Look at examples of resumes and cover letters, practice your interview skills, and even get some tips for after you receive a job offer. Be sure to check the blog below the Toolkit regularly for local job fairs and classes.


I just found all of these blogs (community/service). Is there any way to make them more obvious on the website? They are SUPER helpful.

Wow, what an awesome resource! I'm curious if there are mock interview computer programs? That would be an excellent public computer program that could be helpful.

As a soon-to-be college graduate, this is exactly what I need to prepare myself for the start of a job search... Thanks!